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It’s been a bit since I’ve done any posts about anything that’s happening at the farm.  Part of that is because Kramer hasn’t been out working much and we don’t always know everything that’s going on.  One thing we do know and are VERY impressed with was out local FFA (Future Farmers of America). They coordinated an event where local farmers from our area donated hay and other farm related products and had them shipped to Nebraska.

Achen Farm where Roger works is very close to the local school and the farm served as the drop off site.

4 semi loads of hay and 2 enclosed trailers headed out to Nebraska!  Besides that, $10,000 of monetary donations went with them as well.  Kramer and I are so impressed to be part of such a great community.

Here is the FFA group….

The semis went to Kennard, Nebraska.
What I loved more than anything is that ALL of the classes stopped and students were taken outside to see the shipment off.  I am a firm believer that people learn to give through example.  So many students witnessed the greatness in giving.  That’s wonderful!!

Best wishes to any Nebraska folks reading the blog who are needing help.  Our thoughts are with you.  May your road to recovery be a short one!!

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  1. Ok Jo, You need to Give a few more details on why the hay was shipped to Nebraska……We folks in Penna. are a little confused….It is a nice gesture on the part of the young people to help there neighbors, but why ??? Dot in Pa.

  2. Dot, I am assuming the hay is going to those affected by the flooding in Nebraska last month and continuing still. The levee breaches on the Missouri River were devastating as well as flooding caused by other rivers and creeks, I’m sure.

  3. Cheryl Kupcinski

    Although I don’t live in the flooded area, I know those affected (I.e., losing livestock and farm land) will surely appreciate the efforts this group of Iowa neighbors are providing. Bless you all.
    Cheryl K

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    PTL – very special the support for Nebraska – just to see all the flooding was very sad. Lots of livestock lost.

  5. Rosie Westerhold

    I am a native Nebraskan, and I have never seen as much flooding in the state as we had last month. We had blizzards and rain, then warmer temps which melted the snow. Since the ground was still frozen, the water really had nowhere to go. Creeks and rivers overflowed their banks, levees broke, and the floods came. Many, MANY towns in Nebraska were affected. Roads, houses, farms, and livestock were lost, all over the state. I wasn’t personally affected as I live in Lincoln, NE, and we don’t have a river running through here, but we were on water rations for several days because the city’s wells were affected by power outages. The loss in the state has been devastating. So, good people from many states (including Iowa) have sent hay and supplies to the farmers in Nebraska who are in need. What a blessing that has been to all the farmers who were affected.

    About a week after the worse part of the flooding, we had a plumbing problem at our home. Our downstairs toilet flooded the bathroom and we ended up with LOTS of water in bathroom and adjoining dining room. I was complaining and complaining because of the mess. But, in the grand scheme of things, nothing was destroyed. We were just inconvenienced for a few days. My thoughts turned to all the people who lost everything, and I was pretty ashamed at myself for complaining about “a little water” when there were people who lost their lives and all of their possessions during all the flooding. Sure put me in my place, that’s for sure.

  6. Very proud of those that donated & transported the hay. So sad with all the flooding & loss of livestock.

    Thank you for sharing

  7. Kudos to the FFA students and to your community for their support. I remember years ago when we had a severe drought here in SC and hay for our horses and neighboring farmers’ cattle was hard to come by. Folks from the plains states and up north sent down trailers loaded with the best hay. Brought a tear to my eye to know that farmers in other parts of the country were so generous to help us all out down here. Fed the cattle and our souls, too. I know that sounds corny, but if you’ve ever experienced that sort of thing, you know what I mean.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. So very grateful for the help! My brother was fortunate, but some of his friends watched entire herds of cow/calf pairs be swept away. What a wonderful example of kindness.

  9. Thank you, FFA!! What a generous amount of money and hay you’ve sent to Nebraska!! I know they will appreciate your loving kindness! It’s been overwhelmingly kind!!

  10. Kudo’s to the FFA and your town for showing what generosity is. What a grand jester. Beautiful touching story.

  11. Great job FFA! My MIL lives in Council Bluffs Iowa which is near Omaha. Some parts of the interstate were still closed just a week or so ago due to the flooding! Sadly I don’t think the media has been giving it all that much attention.

  12. Jo-reading this post just warmed my heart. I live just 8 miles from Kennard, Ne……….though I am not a farmer, its been heartbreaking to read about the losses…….many of our roads are closed due to washouts and bridgeouts still. Some of the smaller towns farther away from Omaha are really struggling.
    So thanks to your FFA and community……..awesome, awesome work!!!!

  13. Judith Fairchild

    Way to go Turkey Valley FFA. and Kramer’s boss for being the drop off place. The Nebraskan farmers will appreciate it. I’ve family there but there farm was out of the flood area.

  14. I read this post to my husband last night and we were both touched by this story of your local FFA. Thank you for sharing the efforts of these amazing young men and women—and the proud families and community behind them. Well done!

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