Have you read Charles Martin?!

I found a new author that I am “in love” with.  Charles Martin.

Yesterday while I finished quilting my newest Moda Bakeshop Project,  I finished listening to his book “Where the River Ends”.

It was so good…It’s the story of a Abby and her husband.  Abby is dying of cancer and her husband decides to help her complete her “bucket list”.

I also recently listened to Chasing Fireflies.

It also was wonderful.  It involves a family scandal, theft of money, prison sentences and redemption.

I also listened recently to The Mountain Between Us.

Wonderful as well…There is a plain crash.  Two survive but one is severely injured.

The writer has now become one of my favorites.  If you like Nicholas Sparks, you will definitely like Charles Martin.  Each and every book had me teared up several times.  The writing is easy and very descriptive.  He makes you feel like you are there and experiencing the same worries.  Typically in a book where there are two main characters and they are stranded in an unlikely place, books tend to be REALLY slow.  These are not.  They are slow enough to make you feel there….but not slow in a way that makes the reader bored.

The author smoothly flashes between past and present.  Sometimes if you are listening to audio books, that transition is hard for the reader to adjust to.  Not with Charles Martin, it’s easy to distinguish the transitions.  The readers for the audio versions are great too…

I am a HUGE fan of audio books.  I listen to them ALL the time when I sew.  If you haven’t, give it a try…it’s WONDERFUL!

My only disappointment…my online library where I get my audio books is all out of Charles Martin books.  He’s written several more…they just don’t have them in audio version through the library.  I sent a request to get more of his books…my fingers are crossed and hoping they do!

8 thoughts on “Have you read Charles Martin?!”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I like Nicholas Sparks so I’ll be checking out Charles Martin. Going to the library today as a matter of fact.

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions – I recently downloaded the free ereaders from both B&N’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle and read from them both on my netbook in the car.

    The one I prefer is B&N’s Nook b/c I can download the first chapter for free and preview before buying! :)

    I’m on my way now to look up these titles….
    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Will definitely check out this author! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen to audio books while quilting or in the car (radio always plays the same songs). Check out Kristen hannah – firefly lane, The Whole truth, — she is awesome. Same kind of writer as you describe! Mary

  4. I found a deal on Kindle where I could get 3 of Charles Martin’s books for $2.99. I thought I would try him based on your recommendation. Wow, I love him! I can’t stop reading his books. Thank you for your recommendation! I will definitely be trying some of your other recommendations.

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