Have You Ever?

Have you ever sewn EVERY quilt in a quilt book?  I haven’t.  I haven’t even done it for the quilt book that Kelli and I wrote together.  Kelli sewed some…I sewed some.

Well last week after I finished up Texas Tumbleweeds I got to wondering how many quilts I had made from Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.   This is what I came up with.

There are 12 quilts in the book:

Scrap Crystals:  I have it cut out and it’s in my UFO pile.


Four-Patch X:  FINISHED!  Read about it here.


Winston Ways:  FINISHED!  Read about it here.


Texas Tumbleweeds:  FINISHED!  Read about it here.


Spoolin’ Around:  FINISHED!  Read about it here.


Easy Street:  I finished TWO!

Read about the pink and blue version here.

Read about the green version here.


Narragansett Blues:  FINISHED!  Read about it here.


Lazy Sunday:  FINISHED!  Read about it here.


Cheddar Bowties:  In the UFO pile.  I think I have about 300 bowties made and have the border made.


Midnight Flight:  The solid colored fabric is purchased
Friendship Cross:  Thinking about this for a wedding present
Lucy’s Baskets:  Haven’t thought about…I’d have to stitch all those basket handles down!!

SO…here’s where I am at.
Of the 12 quilts in the book I have 7 entirely finished.  I have two started.  I have fabric for another.  I want to make one for a wedding present and then there Lucy’s Baskets.  Hmm…That’s quite a few left to make.  I hate to commit to making them all but boy, oh boy am I ever tempted to give it a try.  It would be so cool to have made EVERY quilt in one quilt book.  For now, I think I’ll just try to concentrate on getting the UFO’s finished…and maybe the one for the next wedding too.  I might just be talked into making the basket quilt….But then again, I think I might have a good chunk of the quilts made that are in the String Fling book too.  Maybe I should check how close I am in having all of them made….I’ll save that for another blog post.

Have you ever made EVERY quilt in a quilt book?  Inquiring minds would love to know.





13 thoughts on “Have You Ever?”

  1. Betty from Canada

    How is Ruby? She wasn’t on the last picture of your last quilt you finished. Did she quit because she wasn’t getting enough wages? Ha Ha

  2. How funny. We know how you love Bonnie Hunter. If you had said you had made all of the quilts I wouldn’t have been surprised!! All of your Bonnie Hunter quilts turn out so well.

  3. Glenda in Florida

    My goal is to make ONE quilt from every book I buy. I have too many books though, and can’t even accomplish that, let alone make every quilt in a book!

  4. I have not. . .there are usually one or two quilts in a book that I can pass on, either technique is beyond my level or something. . .but maybe I need to look again and challenge myself to try something new.

  5. All of your “Bonnie” quilts are wonderful to see. I got hooked on one of the Turning 20 books and have made almost all of the quilts in it. I really found them to be scrappy and easy to use.

  6. Valerie Boudier

    Never, I tend to buy books because of one quilt or item in it, sometimes I makle more than one from the book when I look through it

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