Have You Ever? Part Two

Last week I posed the question asking if you have ever made all of the quilts in a single quilt book.   I did a little checking and discovered that I completely finished 7 of the 12 quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I also discovered that I had two more of the quilts from the book in progress.  After that post I got thinking that I might have more quilts done in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book so I set out to test my theory.  Here’s what I found….

Blue Skies:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Charlotte’s Baskets:  This wasn’t my favorite quilt until I saw a couple versions on Bonnie’s blog made by others.  I’d like to make it using one of their examples as inspiration.

Daylilies:  I’ve wanted to make this…I’m chicken of the applique though.  I’ve talked myself through it several times but haven’t jumped in yet.  I plan to one day.

Jamestown Landing:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.

Orca Bay:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Pfeffernuse: FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Pineapple Crazy:  This is in my long term UFO pile.


I have all of the blocks for the center done and they are de-papered.  I am not in a grove to complete the outside blocks…I should get back to this again.

Roll, Roll Cotton Boll:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Santa Fe String Star:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.  I absolutely LOVE this quilt!!  It’s one of my very favorites.


Talkin’ Turkey:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Tulip Fields:  This is on my to-do list.  A blog reader sent one of these tops to be quilted and given away as a charity quilt.  It gave me the itch to want to make it!!

Wild Child:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.

Zuckerwatte:  Two tops are finished.  I need to quilt them.  Read more about that here.



So the tally for this book goes….
There are 13 quilts in the book.
I have 8 completely finished.
I have the 2 Zuckerwatte quilt done as tops.
I have Pineapple Crazy pretty far along.
I have three not started.

That’s not too bad.  I think I got my money’s worth of the String Fling book, wouldn’t you say??  I think I have it in me to finish all of the quilts left in the book…not today and not tomorrow but I really do think I will.  It’s really interesting for me to look back at all the pictures.  Some of these were made when we lived at the farm house.  Some were made when Gracie was still alive.

id you know that Bonnie Hunter’s next quilt book that’s coming out next year will be a string quilt book too?  Maybe after the mystery I should host a challenge to finish up a quilt from the current String Fling book before the new String Fling book comes out.  If I did, would anyone like to join me?  I for sure would tackle one of the quilts I haven’t done yet if I did that.  You guys always keep me accountable.

Can you believe that so far, I have kept EVERY SINGLE ONE of these quilts.  They are all my favorites.  The two Zuckerwatte quilts are going to be given away though…the think they will go this Christmas if I can get them finished.

I do want to give a HUGE shout out to Bonnie Hunter.  The String Fling book sure has brought me LOTS of joy and entertainment. Thanks for the inspiration!!




9 thoughts on “Have You Ever? Part Two”

  1. Not sure if I’ll do one from String Fling, although I do plan on making some of them. I have Texas Tumbleweed and Smith Mountain Morning that I just took the classes on to make. I will work on them.

  2. I am looking forward to starting one of Bonnie’s string quilts but I don’t think I have enough strings for one just yet. I’ve been adding strips to a container as I work on some other quilts to get ready as I don’t want to have to cut a bunch to get started. As I type this I realized I have collected fabrics to start her pumpkin quilt so that’s probably where I’ll start.

  3. You’re amazing! I consider myself to have gotten my money’s worth if I make two out of any given book… :) Love these, though! I don’t have a sufficient (or sufficiently organized) scrap pile/system to make these, so I’m always super impressed with those that do!

  4. I am in! Challenge accepted! I LOVE string piecing, but have not done any for awhile. Orca Bay has been in my long term UFO pile-need to pull it out, figure out where I was and get back to it.

  5. My first string quilt was Charlotte’s baskets. I took a class with Bonnie on Mackinac Island. I had so much fun making string blocks, The other quilt I kinda made out of this book was Carolina Lily. In Bonnie’s write up about this quilt, she says that the blocks didn’t get finished because they were boring and needed some life. I had a set of blocks from a block a month program that were boring to me. So, I decided to finish them off with strings. The quilt turned out wonderful and is one of my favorites. I would love to sew along with you and make another string quilt. I love reading your blog!!

  6. I really love your Santa Fe string quilt. The background you choose really sets the star off. In fact, I like your version better than Bonnie’s. (Don’t tell her.) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Jo, if you are doing a “string challenge” I’m in for sure. Have always wanted to make the Santa Fe Star.

  8. I might join in. I have Wild Child in progress, so I could finish that one. Of course I have lots of other UFO’s I could finish that aren’t string pieced!! It always help to have a challenge given.

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