Have you been to Charm School?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I love Country Threads Quilt Shop in Garner.  The gals over there have a monthly Charm School club.  Each month participants get a pattern and a charm pack to create a designated project designed by the gals.  I’ve always wanted to join but time seems to run out on me.  They have taken 20 of the patterns that were offered as part of the club and put them all in a book, Back to Charm School.

Back to Charm School Book

I knew the book was coming out and had hoped to purchase one when they did….I just got an email telling the books are in and best yet, the gals are giving away a charm pack to everyone who orders before Christmas.  The fun thing is that each project only takes one charm pack….

This mini tree skirt is super cute…

Here’s another project I love…

and another…

Back to Charm School: More Fun Quilts from Country Threads (That Patchwork Place)

My daughter would love this pillow…

See what I mean…lots of great projects.   Can you believe that they are made with one charm pack and extra yardage.

I think I am ordering a book for me…I have a habit of buying one thing for myself at Christmas time.  I know it’s silly but when we were first married, no one ever bought me a personal gift.  Sure I got toaster, waffle irons and other much “needed” items but typically not a gift for just me.  For a couple years it made me a little sad, then I just started buying one present for myself.  I never wrapped it.  I just put it aside.   Then after all the hoopla of the day, I would sneak away for a few minutes and enjoy what I had purchased for me.  Typically it was a book to read or a quilt book….Something relaxing…and definitely not something that could be plugged in to a kitchen socket.  Hubby’s gotten better at Christmas buying…and I’ve gotten better at receiving, but I still get a little something.

I a including a  link to page that offers the book and free charm pack just in case anyone else wants to take advantage of sale or if you’re like me and are going to gift yourself a little something…Tell the girls Jo sent you!!

5 thoughts on “Have you been to Charm School?”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed,I was just thinking to myself that I’d do a better job shopping for myself than alot of people do SO, I went shopping today and bought fat quarters a fancy bath soap a velvety soft washcloth I feel indulged!! Guess great minds think alike,Merry Christmas to US !!

  2. Enjoy County Threads. Took my first class there – Beginning Quilting and Mary Baker instructed the Inlay Tile pattern. Second was Fireside Cozy quilt. Boy have I improved from that first quilt (0r table topper).

  3. I always buy myself a little something for Christmas. I guess being single until I was 34 might have had something to do with it. Think I’ll head on over and order that book. Thanks for the link! I’ll let them know you sent me.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. After I read your blog, I called and ordered the book (with free charms) and the Featherweight 1/4 inch ft. Merry Christmas to me. ;-> Also Merry Christmas to you and yours! ;-> we haven’t seen Gracie for a while, her fans miss her. ;->

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