Hard “boiled” eggs in the Pressure Cooker..REALLY

Today our daughter Kayla was home and commented about my earlier blog post about “baking” hard boiled eggs.  She said why don’t we try them in the pressure cooker.

I was completely and TOTALLY skeptical.  I figured they would all explode inside the pressure cooker.


BUT>>>they turned out amazing.  Eggs that Kayla picked from our chickens yesterday peeled VERY easily and perfectly.  Honestly, it was the best “hard boiled egg” I’ve ever had!!  Follow this link over to Kayla’s blog to get the recipe.  While you are there, check out all of Kayla’s other pressure cooker recipes.  She’s been posting a new recipe every day for the last 39 days…all of them are pressure cooker recipes.  Today she made me steel cut oats for breakfast.  It was WONDERFUL.

3 thoughts on “Hard “boiled” eggs in the Pressure Cooker..REALLY”

  1. I’ve never cooked my eggs in the pressure cooker, what a great idea! When I boil them on the stove, I add a little oil. Since the shells are porous it absorbs some of the oil and the shells just slide off!

  2. That’s seriously brave! I’ve overcome my fear that the pressure cooker will explode, but I’d have been worried about cleaning up vaporized pressure cookered eggs!

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