Happy Valentines Day!!

It’s nap time as I’m writing…It will be a quick post to say Happy Valentines Day.

The artwork below was done by one of my kiddos.

I bought a cheap set of 6 Valentine cookie cutters from Wal-mart.  They varied in size.  I took a small, medium and large one, put them in paint and let the kids stamp.  We talked about the concept of small, medium and large with the older kiddos.

The big kids did great!
The younger kiddos, like Carver here, are mostly just starting to understand paint.  I’ve been working on colors but he’s not getting it yet.

He really loved doing it but boy, oh boy, was he messy.
I love series pictures….

He got enough paint on his fingers that he thought it was finger painting….What a character!!…and before I could stop him those little hands went straight to his mouth.  That boy!  Look at him!
Thank goodness for non toxic paint!!

That’s about how my morning has been going!  The kiddos are napping now (me sitting).  They will be up in about an hour….

We’re having our party then….and more party once the bus comes with the school kids but the real party starts at about 5pm today when they all go home….well at least a party in my recliner!!  I am going to be pooped!!!

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!!”

  1. Makes me tired looking at all the wonderful work you do and your childcare expertise and patience. Wished you lived closer!

  2. I bet Carver gave quite a few people a smile when they saw those pictures and the paint go from the hands to the mouth. That was nice that the preschoolers had a party,too, like the kids in school. A lot of work and a lot of patience. Hope you’re feeling better, Jo.

  3. I enjoyed the Valentine pictures so much! Carver especially must be a little character! Hope you enjoyed your party at 5pm!!

  4. Jo, I love you for your quilts. I love you even more for your patience with the kiddos. You have the greatest ideas for them to do and they always look like they are having a great time. it is no wonder you have a “waiting list” for more kiddos. Carter is a hoot and I know he loves going to Grandma’s. Keep sharing with us all. You make my day and I never know what to expect.

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