Happy Trails to our “Little Orphan Annie”

Well folks, Annie my foster dog has found a home.  That was quick right??

I got Annie on Monday.  She had a vet appointment on Thursday and was listed as available to adopt on Friday.  She was listed and within two hours, they closed taking applications as she had so many applications.

Part of that is that she is so cute…the other part is that I know a couple of you saw her on the blog and tried to adopt her.

I found out about Annie on October 19th.  Arrangements were made for me to get her on the 24th.  It sometimes takes a bit for things to get coordinated as the pups went in several different directions.  Seven puppies and two moms were all taken in.  Our group only took Annie.  The others went to other foster groups, Animal Rescue League in Iowa, find them HERE and Camp Companion in Minnesota, find them HERE.

I checked and didn’t see the dogs listed yet.  All of that depends on when the dogs can be vetted and if they need to be groomed.  I was lucky with Annie and got her into the vet quickly.

This is the picture that was originally sent.  I think Annie might be one of the pups in the middle.

She was fabulous at getting a bath.

I fell in love with her right away…

She was so good with all of the childcare and grandkids at my house.  This is Eli and Georgie loving up on her…

There was a family that applied for Izzy but didn’t get her because I kept Izzy.  They had an approved application because of that so immediately put an application in for Annie when they saw her.

I think that family will be a perfect fit.  They have kids that will just love having a pup.  I learned that Annie loves activity whether it’s from other dogs or kids.

She is rough and tumble and loves a good romp and belly rub.  She adores being brushed which is great as she’ll have hair that needs it.  At her vet check the vet said her undercoat is coming in and will be a salt and pepper gray.  They predicted that she will be a very beautiful dog.

Here is Georgie “teaching her to dance”.  The picture looks a little awkward but it was totally fine.  While Annie was here I kept a fence in the kitchen which helped with accidents and helped keep the dogs away from each other if they got to romping too much.  Plus Annie had to have a clear fecal test before she could be with the other dogs.  This kept them separated.

Georgie was totally in love with Annie and asked Kelli if they could take her home.

I think Annie will do great in her new home.  She was doing really well with house training.  She is a smart girl catching onto routines quickly.  She does great in the kennel and doesn’t whine or be a bother.  She is super active but will settle down nicely too.

On Friday I told all of the childcare kiddos and my grandkids that before they left, they needed to tell Annie goodbye as she might not be here on Monday.  At the time, I didn’t have firm plans with the adoptees yet but thought being it was the weekend, she might go to her new home on Sunday.

I figured it might be my grandson Gannon that was most upset.  He’s in the picture below and is a HUGE dog lover.

It wasn’t Gannon who was super sad though.  Surprisingly it was Carver.  He was in tears.  I felt so bad for him.  I think my keeping Izzy from the start of my fostering made him think I was keeping more dogs.  It’s tough to be six and have a crazy grandma that fosters dogs.  Over time I think he’ll understand better.  We talked a lot about the family and I reassured him that Annie needs a home where she can really be trained and loved.  Right now, I’m so busy with Izzy.

Gannon had drawn a picture of Izzy (my rescue) and Rosie (my beagle) and Annie and himself.  I ended up pinning the picture to the fence in the kitchen because Gannon had wanted Annie to be able to see it all of the time.  He asked me if I would take the picture and give it to Annie’s new family.  He wanted Annie to remember him because “Hers loved me”.  (that’s enough to make a grandma cry)

These are tough life lessons but I think they are important to learn…even for two little boys.

Annie was the smallest in the litter.  We wondered if she might have been picked on by her siblings.  After caring for her I learned that she had several scratches that had scabbed over on her back and legs.  It makes me think we were right.  The scabs weren’t really big but there were six or so of them.

This little girl had a tough start but last Monday she started a path to a better life with me and as I pass her on to the next family, she’s going to get her chance to live her best life ever!!

It was bittersweet handing her over.  I was a little sad but seeing her new family all excited and happy was totally worth the work that went into helping Annie.

What a sweet little girl she is.  Yes, it’s sad to let her go but I’m really proud of the kids and adults around here for taking such good care of her while she was here and letting her go out to a family where she can love and be loved.  Happy trails to our “Little Orphan Annie” it’s been wonderful knowing you.

I checked again before this post and two littermates are up for adoption now.  You can see them HERE.  They are Maisy and Paisley.

9 thoughts on “Happy Trails to our “Little Orphan Annie””

  1. Oh that’s the saddest happy story…I get so attached I could never let them go. Your grandchildren are so loving- what a wonderful upbringing they’ve had. But I too had tears reading about your grandsons picture.

  2. Jo, your grandkids are growing up to be such caring, loving children, they’re a credit to you all. Annie and all your future foster dogs are so lucky to be able to begin their new lives with so much love and care.

  3. You are doing a great job of fostering. A rewarding experience for sure. Annie looks a lot like Izzy (from the pics). Love these dog stories!

  4. That picture of Gannon and Annie is priceless!❤️ Thanks for all you do Jo. You are a great role model for your grandchildren. Annie, have a safe and happy life!❤️

  5. Tears to the eyes when I saw that last picture of Annie. She is so cute. The pictures with your grandkids are adorable. Annie was loved by all while with you and will be loved by her new family.

  6. Oh what a happy ending… or really beginning for Annie. At one point I thought you mentioned that Gannon didn’t like getting his picture taken. And yet I’ve noticed that when he has a dog/puppy with him, he’s happy and has the sweetest smile. This must be his happy place.

  7. Love the pictures of Annie, Izzy, and the grandkids. My daughter raises chicks to sell as laying hens. My granddaughter gets sad when it is time for “her” chickens to go to their new homes.

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