Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

That yummy pecan pie in the photo is a recipe from Mary at Quilt Hollow…It’s a cream cheese pecan pie and it’s to die for.  It’s even worth tread mill time…..


Here’s how my Thanksgiving is going so far….

Butterscotch Apple Cake….Check…(also worth treadmill time).
Pumpkin Dessert…Check
Home made buns….Check
Jelly for Homemade buns…Check
Kale and Greens with Bacon….Check
Mashed Potatoes….Check
Deviled Eggs….Check
Green Bean Casserole…Check
Relish Tray….Check
Pickles and Olives….Check
Cream Cheese Jalapeño Dip and Crackers….Check
Turkey Roasting in the Oven….Check.

Family to eat it all…..Oops.

The weather didn’t cooperate.  We’ve had freezing rain on and off for the last 18 hours.  It isn’t horrible everywhere but enough to make it iffy.  My college kids (all three of them) and their significant others are playing it safe.  They all have evening commitments with the other side of the family in the afternoon so they were planning to be here bright and early this morning.  They all live just far enough away that it won’t be melted enough to get here to make it worth the trip….I am fine with them not making it and even suggested that they stay home…  SAFETY FIRST.  Kelli and Jason live close enough that they might try to sneak over in time for a noon meal.  I think Jason is just that in love with my home made buns!

Another complication….Our youngest, Kalissa, got a NASTY flu on Tuesday and it lingered into Wednesday.  She finally kept her first food down last night at supper.  No one wants to catch that bug.

Dinner here with just be the four…or maybe six of us…very low key.

My hubby was wondering about what to do with all the food as most of my cooking was done before the weather came…. I am not a drop worried or concerned with that.  He’s going to be getting left overs for the next three days and I won’t be in the kitchen…I’ll be SEWING!

P.S.  I never did to the cleaning.  By the time the cooking was done, I figured out the weather wasn’t going to cooperate.

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Oh my, Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I was closer to help with the food and all. Sounds Delicious…. You can never predict the weather. I would also tell my kids to stay put.

  2. I agree with safety first. Our weather is iffy and my dad and stepmom had to cancel. My son put chains on coming home yesterday- that was a first!!
    I like the idea of lots of leftovers and lots of sewing time!Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jo-I’ve enjoyed your blog all year-checking it every day! Enjoy your wonderful meal together-even if it’s only 4 – 6 people. And you are so correct on the cleaning!!!

  4. *sigh* what I’d give for some snow! I’ve never seen it and its nearly 34C here (um 90F??) and its not even summer yet…

    *double sigh* what I’d give fora bite of pumpkin pie! LOL

    Lissa – Australia

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