Happy Thanksgiving

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving day dinner
We gathered today at our house.  We don’t do a big Thanksgiving with all the family anymore.  There are just too many of us for any house to hold.  On my side of the family there are 22 grandchildren and there are even more great grandchildren.  It was just hubby and me along with the Kelli and Jason, Buck and Jen, Karl and Kalissa.  Kayla and Spencer were off doing some honeymooning.

It’s been a nice day, low key and very casual…my perfect day.  We ate in the kitchen and I didn’t even clean off the dining room table.  I made the turkey yesterday.  I turned part of the turkey into yummy sandwich filling using this recipe.  The rest of the turkey was made into homemade a gravy I make with homemade noodles.  We had the regular Thanksgiving fixings along with it.   I did 90% of the cooking yesterday.

It made today really nice and low key.  I hate getting stuck in the kitchen and not able to visit with everyone else.

This afternoon got to sew a few seams at the dining room table while the kids scanned the computers for Black Friday deals.  Me, I am not a Black Friday or any day shopper for that matter.  Kalissa and Jen went to WalMart….

…us sane people, we are having a chess tournament.  Chess is family tradition at our house.  We taught the kids to play when they were young.  I am so glad we did.

Topping my list of things that I am thankful for this year.  Family, health and friendships.  As I get older I realize that all in all, family, health and friendships really are the main things in life.

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  1. JanetB

    A few years back, when my grandchildren started getting older and we gathered at our house for Christmas, I realized that “all the family” didn’t include my siblings any longer. I was at the head of “all the family” and we were starting our own traditions. It’s a funny (but nice) feeling when the torch is handed to you to carry on.


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