Happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US. The kids and grandkids are all coming home. They are slowly arriving. Our son Buck arrived yesterday and slowly the others are arriving.

This year is way different for me. For years I’ve had the luxury of working from home. On Tuesday I typically ran to town and got groceries then on Wednesday I would clean and start cooking. This year is different. I have a job and all those things aren’t quite as easy this year.

I got groceries on Saturday…did some cleaning on Sunday…the rest during the week. The baking had to wait until Wednesday night which translated into no stitching for me. It’s all good and I don’t mind. Having the kids and grandkids all home is worth the schedule juggling.

Plans for the family include family pictures tomorrow morning bright and early. We have them scheduled to be outdoors. I don’t want to take pictures with with us all having coats on…sadly we’re only supposed to have temps at 32 degrees so we’ll see how that goes. Normally the kids would happily run around outdoors with no coats in those temps but I’m guessing tomorrow they will all throw a fit. We’ll see what happens. I don’t have high expectations for great pictures because how can we with 10 kids between the ages of 8 and 1??!! We’ll just hope for the best.

There are so many things that I’m thankful for this year. The list could go on and on…I do want to take the time to mention how thankful I am for all of you. Without you, I would likely give up the blog. It would be so easy to. Now that I have my job at the vet clinic people have asked if I’ll keep blogging. YES. Yes, I will. I love having a connection with all of you.

I appreciate all of the support you have shown me this year. There have been lots of changes with me and you all have hung in there with me. Your support has been so appreciated as I waded my way through this last cancer round. Next Thursday and Friday I will be back at Mayo Clinic and will find out if the radiation treatments were successful. I know all of you will right here cheering me on and I appreciate that support so much. I still have a gas gift card and I have a Chick-fil-A gift card from blog readers that will go with me on my journey. Thank you for that. It so warms my heart to know you care.

I appreciate the comments you’ve all left about everything from my cancer to my finished projects, to advice on my latest decorating endeavors. It’s like having a good friend just a keyboard away.

I appreciate you all rolling with the punches when the blog shows up in code. If anyone has an idea on how to fix it or who might be able to fix it, I’m still entertaining suggestions. I’m so sorry it doesn’t always work…trust me, if I could fix it or find someone to hire to fix it, I sure would.

Thank you so much…you all are so special to me.

…and with that, I’m off. The kids are calling and food isn’t cooking itself. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

19 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!”

  1. Jo,

    Hope you had a great day with your family. When the blog shows up in code, I just check back later or even the next day. It always eventually appears for me.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jo. Looking forward to seeing some of those family pictures. Grateful for the technology that makes it so easy to see the beautiful things others are doing. So much focus is spent on the awful, but all around us people like you are spreading joy, one post at a time.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Hope you had a very Blessed Happy thanksgiving. We had a good time. It’s the 1st. Thanksgiving that I got to host.
    In a large family mostly living close to each other. The holidays were celebrated at other siblings home. We all shared the buying and making of the dinners. It was always fun. But to do the hosting and cleaning part for company I had never done. I’ll be doing it for now on. Lord willing.

  4. Praying your Thanksgiving was wonderful, your pictures came out as you like, and the kids were able to lay outside! And praying for good results from The Mayo!
    We are so thankful for you! You take the time to “be” with us through your blog and we so appreciate it.
    Love and prayers

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and that the photos turn out as you wish. You are definitely high in my thankful list. I’ll be thinking about you as you go to Mayo and keeping you in my prayers.

  6. I am looking forward to the pictures of your family and hearing about your family gathering. So much work, but oh so much fun! I love your blog. As Tina H.said, the coded blogs usually appear a day or two later just fine. I will hold you in my thoughts as you go to the Mayo and send prayers for good news. Thank you for all you do. You are a ray of sunshine!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Jo. I love your blog and, too, feel like I have a friend a keyboard away. Sending prayers your way for a good report at Mayo. Safe travels.

  8. Jo, I don’t comment often but read your blog daily. I enjoy the mix of everyday life you write about. Today is Black Friday and my goal is to NOT go shopping. I hope you got some good pictures with the family. No matter what you think of them now, they will be cherished in 5 years when everyone is older and the grandkids have changed a lot. I hope all goes well with your cancer check up.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! We spent our day traveling home from vacation and visiting two of our three kids. I’m glad we did drive on the holiday because we woke up this morning to the white ground and slick roads. I’m so glad you were surrounded by family.

  10. Jo,
    I think the code problem is simply the device that your blog is being read on. I can get code on my phone and text on my pc and sometimes vice versa. It is always resolved by the following day. Life is challenging and if the blog in code upsets some people maybe that’s their problem and not yours? I hope that your Mayo trip gives you good news! Take care

  11. As frustrating as the code issue can be, it always seems to fix itself after a day or so. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

    1. Same here. I suspect the problem isn’t at Jo’s end at all but with the blog platform she is on. If the people at that platform aren’t interested in fixing the problem there isn’t much Jo can do.

  12. I hope your Thanksgiving celebration with family was lots of fun! I can hardly wait to see the family pictures. However they turn out they will be cherished in years to come, but I’m sure there will be some very good ones. Your whole family is very photogenic.

  13. What a sweet post! I would surely miss you if you decided to stop posting. I know it takes time and energy, thank you for keeping it going.
    And now, on to Christmas, right? Here are wishes for a Joyful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I love when I can have my kids and grands all together. I hope you never quit blogging, I would miss you so much!! Hugs,

  15. Hope you had a lovely day with your family, Jo. (And I hope the photo shoot went ok!) Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

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