Happy School Year!!

School started for my grandkids this week…that means there will be a bit of a slow down for me in the grandkid watching…not a standstill as we are at the halfway spot. Half of the grandkids go to school and half stay home!

On Wednesday of last week, the first day of school pictures came into our family message group.

First was Carver…

Gannon will go to school too but his doesn’t start until the end of this week. Gannon has another year of preschool. For their school kids go to school as 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds.

Then Kindergarten starts. You can see Anders with them. We keep wondering if he’ll walk by the time he hits his 1st birthday.

Then Buck sent pictures of Lucy and Scotty.

Scotty is heading to second grade and Lucy is going into “no grade”. That’s what my Dad used to call kindergarten (no grade). He did that back before preschool was a regular thing.

Next came Georgie’s picture. She is going to preschool a second year like Gannon. This year she switched schools and can ride the bus.

Last year she only had school twice a week…this year, four times a week.

I had to laugh because this was the next picture that came in the message it the group. It was a HAPPY Kelli. For those of you who don’t know, our daughter Kelli is Georgie’s mom. Georgie is a pistol and Georgie going to school was a good thing. We all love her just the way she is but with her big personality, she can be trying. She needs more challenges and school is the perfect place to get that!! HA!! Let’s just hope that she can keep herself together for school.

Georgie steals the show at Kelli’s house so Kelli is looking forward to being about to spend more quality time with her twin boys Eli and Emmett when Georgie is gone.

But wait. There was more. We have another Kramer returning to school. Our daughter Kayla. She is working at a new school and is working in the special education field. This is new for her and she is up for the challenge.

She is still in the same school district…just a different school building. She’s hoping the change will challenge her in a good way.

I always thought I would grow up and be a school teacher. When I lived at home, my mom took one bedroom and made it into a school room. I was the teacher and my nieces and nephews were the students. I have always loved school and learning. No, I didn’t like the social part of school but the learning part I loved.

It was a fun day to see everyone come up in the family message group. It’s always good to see family with happy smiles. If I took a picture of myself, I’d have a happy smile too. It’s just always good to be back to more of a regular routine…school definitely helps provide that!!

Happy school year to you and yours!!

14 thoughts on “Happy School Year!!”

  1. What a great looking family – loved seeing everyone of those darling grands, and also the two adults!! I loved school too, although I liked the social part and even was upset when we had snow days.

  2. Beautiful pictures. The grandchildren are growing up way too fast. What grade is Carver in this year? Is it first grade?

  3. Love the pictures. What a beautiful family. They all have grown so much. You are blessed to have such a great family.

  4. I wish Kayla a great year ahead, the students will be blessed to have her in the room. Wonderful to see all the grands headed off to school, may the year ahead be full of learning & joy.

  5. Always a fun day- back to school! I always loved buying back to school supplies!
    Just a note to say I’m not getting emails of the blog anymore- has there been a change?

  6. So does this surprise back to school for Kayla mean she has a handle on her allergies ?? Will Jasper be in preschool ? same district or not ?
    Carver and Gannon have that summer in the sun hair color for back to school.
    Anders would probably prefer his brothers being home. What a sudden transition for him.
    Georgia and Kelli are such a fun duo. I suspect you might have some stories about a similarity between the two of them when Mama was her age ???
    Bucks picture of his children looks so professional and proper.
    Wish them all well. and you too.

    1. In Kayla’s area kids don’t do preschool until they are four so he has to wait another year. They aren’t sure which school he’ll go to next year…still some decisions to make.

  7. Lovely pictures of all your grandkids! They all look so grown up! And I had to laugh at the accompanying words of Kelli’s photo – her face says it all haha. I wonder if Georgia will be totally different at school?!

  8. Judith Fairchild

    School days golden rule days. Breathe deep and enjoy the space of time you have coming. I love the school pictures!!! Anders looks like he’s wondering what’s going on. He’s going to miss his brothers for sure.

  9. Your Georgie reminds me so much of my granddaughter Elizabeth! Elizabeth just turned five and will be starting her second year of preschool. Her little brother is 3.5 years old (will be starting his first year of preschool) and they could not be more different! Elizabeth only stops talking when she goes to sleep, and she is definitely in charge over Nicholas! A very forceful personality , just like Georgie. Fortunately they get along great—most of the time!

  10. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The kids all look so happy going off to school!! I was a SpEd teacher as well – what kind of class is Kayla teaching??!! So exciting to have new challenges. I did resource one year (where the kids come to you for about an hour a day for specific help with a subject) then switched to what they call Comprehensive Life Skills which was a self-contained class for kids with cognitive deficits (used to be called mental retardation). Loved those kids and I taught K-6th grades then switched to the 16-20 year olds!

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