Happy New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve.  We’re home.  We aren’t big celebrators.  I did wanted to stop in and say Happy New Year!


If someone was to look at my year 2016 they might say it wasn’t the best year…thyroidectomy, cancer, foot surgery.

Not me.  2016 was a fine year…perfect no, but I’ve had worse years in my life….1990 was the worst for me-Hubby too!  Aside from our son Buck being born, it wasn’t a lot of fun.  Here’s a few highlights from that year….
My grandma died.  Hubby’s mom had an angioplasty procedure then later in the year had bypass surgery…later in the year had eye surgery.  I had a gall bladder attack on Hubby’s birthday and ended up with surgery to remove it the same day.  My mom died at 61-I was only 24 with 3 little kids.  My uncle died.  Hubby abruptly changed jobs and we moved to Iowa 13 days after our son was born.  (The Iowa move ended up being the best thing ever..we didn’t know that at the time though)

On top of that Hubby’s sister got married and asked him to be in the wedding and he said no because he didn’t like her potential husband and then things got sticky with his family.  Our oldest two girls were asked to be flower girls for the wedding and he said no to that too.  I finally, after lots of talking, at least got him to let the girls be in the wedding.  As much as I tried I never convinced him to be in the wedding.  He kept telling me if he didn’t believe in the marriage, he just couldn’t do it….that was the start of  many years of me being blamed for his decisions….You know how it is with family.  Someone has to be blamed.  This time, it was me…to this day, it’s still not smooth sailing…and I still get blamed for his decisions.

If you add a month or two on each side of that year we almost lost our daughter Kelli to epiglottitus.  That’s when the flipper at the back of a throat swells and cuts off breathing.  Our little 2 1/2 year old was in intensive care for a week….that was horrible.  Also our daughter Kayla, just turned one, came down with some bug and we ended up having to let them do a spinal tap on her.  Following it, although she was walking, she didn’t walk for 10 days.  We didn’t know if she would or if an accident happened when they did the procedure and she’d be paralyzed for life.

Those times…they were the worst.  We, not so affectionately, call that “the year from hell” even though it was actually 16 month of time.

This past year…a bump in the road compared to that.

I’m so looking forward to this new year….
-I am going to get to buy some new shoes once my foot is all clear.
-I am getting tests in March/April to confirm I am cancer free.
-I am going to enjoy watching Carver grow….this year will be awesome on that account.
-I am sewing more quilts.
-I am doing more charity quilts.
-I am cross stitching more.
-We are making more home improvements.
-I have so many family things to look forward to including the day my niece calls me and says she’s cancer free too!
-I have friends to visit and people to meet.
-I have 365 days ahead of me with the potential to make a difference…and I’m going to do that-  I am going to make a difference and happily Hubby’s hanging out with me all days he can!

What more can I wish for…NOTHING!  So welcome 2017…I hope this is the start of a great year.

Those were miserable times…2016….much easier.

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. beginnig this year I will write down all the good moments. With four healthy granddaughters
    age 9months to 3 1/2 years old my husband and I are very blessed. Yes we have bad things in life, but we all need to remember the good times. I am glad you see the good.
    Happy New Year.

  2. What a GREAT positive attitude…….I also think 2017 is going to be awesome (if I have anything to say about it ) …And I wish the same for you….I’ve really enjoyed every blog post of yours this year…Thank you ….Me from Ontario, Canada

  3. I ask God in my prayers all the time, why are some people so lucky in life (me) and some people have such hardships? I also thank him daily for all his blessings. Here’s to your good health and happiness in 2017! Happy New Year!!

  4. That awful year gave you a great positive perspective on the rest of your life! My mom also died at 61. I was a bit older than you though – 31 with 3 little kids also. Here’s to an awesome 2017!

  5. May the good Lord bless you and your family with health and happiness in the new year, Jo, and may He continue to bless this blog of yours!

  6. Happy New Year, Jo! I’m looking forward to meeting up again i 2017. Love your positive attitude on life. May the new year bring you much happiness and joy and lots of time to enjoy yourself, your family and your passion to quilt. All the best in the new year to Kelli and the rest of the family also. Hugs!!!

  7. “I have 365 days ahead of me with the potential to make a difference”—–I love that, and I hope you will allow me to “quote you” May 2017 bring all the important things of life to you and yours.

  8. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. You have to be the sweetest most giving and positive person that I know and I would love to live next door to you. Have a wonderful happy healthy New Year and enjoy that wee guy everyday as they grow really fast. My grandson who will be ten and one of the joys of my life was born blind but he is the happiest little guy and lights up my life. Hugs and blessings Sandra

  9. Happy new year to you! Attitude is so important and when there’s bumps in the road, it can be just that or it can become a rut if you let it be. May you continue with your upbeat attitude and that fewer bumps happen in 2017!!!!!!

  10. Happy New Year! I am hoping to pass my 5-year cancer-free test in February/March and be able to donate blood again. I promise to try to eat healthier and exercise more and finish more quilts! Here’s to no hospital visits in 2017!

    Is anybody else who is working on the Mystery quilt having trouble with the Tri-Recs rulers. Mine keep slipping when I try to cut the fabric – any hints?

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