Happy New Year!!

I am so happy to see this year come to a close.  I’ve learned more things in the last year than I ever wanted to know.  Topics like lung cancer, breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and funerals…Yep.  They were never topics I ever wanted to learn a single thing about….but I did.

I found out LOTS that I didn’t know I didn’t know about.

1-Most people are good
2-If I truly need help, people will come out in droves
3-I can conquer my fears
4-I can cry buckets of tears and still have more to cry
5-I can be happy and still grieving
6-Grief can sneak up at the oddest moments
7-Babies can be the great healer
8-Love lives on
9-Puppies, even naughty ones can be fun
10-It’s okay to let go
11-It’s okay to hold on
12-So many things are actually just trivial
13-Worry isn’t necessary- A way through will be provided
14-Good family is everything
15-My kids turned into adults
16-I love my job
17-I joking said quilting is therapy- I learned it is
18-I learned who ran away from me and who ran to me when I needed help
19-I learned I’d rather love deep and get hurt than to not love
20-I learned its okay to be okay and being okay is enough

Although 2019 was a super hard year, I can’t help but look and appreciate that I’m still moving forward.

As 2020 comes our family will have a lot more firsts…
January 17th Kayla and Spencer’s due date
January 24th the anniversary of finding Kramer’s tumor
April 7th Buck and Lora’s baby is due
June 2nd the anniversary of Kramer’s death

I am so thankful there are some babies added in there for a little cushioning.  I’m so thankful for the babies that are here.  They, at times, with their sweet little faces and ability to cuddle, have done more for me than I’ve ever done for them.

I’m finding that there are a lot of cushions in my life.  The other day a girl that lives down the block stopped and gave me some goodies as she was offering sympathy at the passing of Ruby.  She was so sweet…and what a great mom to help her do that!

One of the local catering places in town, Lynch BBQ, gave out meals to people in town.  I’m guessing mine came as I made the widow list.

…and this happened…
I had carolers.
I am always impressed with our little town and the outpouring of support that has come our way throughout this past year…little cushions that help soften the hard blows.

So for this new year, for me, I’m hoping for a few less hard lessons.  I’m hoping that my cancer gets found.  I’m hoping for family time, puppy time and quilting time.  I’m also hoping that I can do some cushioning for others.

So many people have a “word of the year”…for me, it’s “cushioning”.  I know..it’s the strangest word anyone has ever picked for their “word of the year”…but I think it’s so important, so necessary.

I want to focus on and appreciate the little things people do for me.  I want to be the cushion for others…
-a few more thank you cards
-a few more gift cards
-a few more pay it forwards
-a few more gifts of time
-a few more letters
-a few more thoughtful gestures
-a few more lunches out
-a few more moments of my time given away

I can do that….I can provide a little more cushioning in the lives of others.  I think that’s a great way to move forward in 2020.

Thank you a million times over for all of you who have been a cushion for me…sent a note, sent a gift, left a comment, become my friend…it has been the balm to my soul over the last year.  2020 is a year for me to do those same things for others.

I’m hoping and praying that all of you find a few cushions in your life…or that you might reach out and be the cushion for someone else.   There are lots of people who are going down some hard roads and a cushion here and there, might be just what they need.  I know I needed it.

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  1. Happy New Year Jo, Rosie & family! Wishing you good health, good times & happiness in 2020! Thanks for all you share with us!

  2. Happy New Year! Cushion is a great word for 2020. I haven’t settled on one yet. 2019 taught us lots of lessons, too. Patience in healing and following the doctor’s orders. Asking for help – people are really willing to do things if they know what to do. Being grateful and thankful. After not being able to drive for several months, it was so freeing to get behind the wheel again.

    I love small towns and their outpouring of support. They know all your business, but that can sometimes be a good thing. When you need cushions, they will be there.

    Love, hugs, and prayers.

  3. I am also glad that 2019 is over. Cushion is a good view for both the giver and the one needing the kindness. Happy New Year to you, your family and that cute little pup

  4. Happy new year Jo! My hubby and I had a rough 2019. Glad it’s over and looking forward to 2020! I don’t pick a word for the year but set goals.

  5. I like your word “Cushion”. Like you, I am a widow and have learned that it is up to me to find my new routine. Part of it comes from what was for 56 years and part of it is what I want it to be now. New babies give us a boost in life when we often need it. So happy your family will welcome two new little ones this year. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed New Year. Love and hugs.

  6. I don’t do that word focus thing, but I feel your choice has more thought and intention behind it than most I see. I’m not criticizing others, just noting you have a very tangible connection to your choice. Wishing you a new year of cushions where needed and the wisdom to see where you can offer them to others.

  7. Thank you for your message and for sharing over the last year. 2019 will not go down as a favourite year for me personally as it began with my Mom passing away and a lot of change. I typically stay in a positive mindset though and despite a lot of stretches there were also many blessings.

  8. Dear Jo and family,

    As I get ready to see patients today (I’m a hospice nurse), i will be looking at my families in a different light due to your description of cushion. “Cushion” makes so much sense. It is not an intimidating medical term and paints a soothing mental picture for me as I try to “cushion” family members pain as they face the loss of a loved one. Your perspective of the word is truly appreciated and very enlightening.

  9. What a wonderful word. Happy New Year to you and all your family. May you be blessed with many happy times as you have given so much to the cyber world with your stories and thoughts.

  10. I remind myself of this one often:
    13-Worry isn’t necessary- A way through will be provided
    “Cushioning” does seem like an unusual word for the year. However, when explained, it makes total sense!
    I have to tell you, though, I looked at it and thought you were going to be making pillows for everyone in 2020. LOL!! I’m glad that you are remembering to be thankful for all the GOOD in you life to balance out the challenges of widowhood. Wishing you a Quilty New Year, Jo!

  11. Our words this year is “A New Normal” as we take care of aging parents, (one with cancer}, and a divorce in the family.

  12. “Cushioning” is the perfect word for this coming year. We all need “cushions” here and there. And we can all be “cushioners” for others. Thank you for the reminder. May God keep blessing you and your family in the coming year. P.S. A big hug for you all the way from Texas!

  13. Happy 2020 New Years! You give so much to all who take time to read your blog….you are amazing and wonderful!!

  14. Happy New Year to you Jo and all of your family! You’ve definitely had a tough year, but hopefully, the year ahead will be so much sweeter…

  15. What a wonderful note. I am so glad that you have survived it all and with grace! Hopefully this year the rest of us wont have to deal with the “lessons” you have learned but I am sure most will in one way or another. I intend to print this and keep in mind your “lessons” youve learned and keep these in mind so I can keep my head up too and keep going and not forget that we are not alone.

  16. Thank you, Jo, for your writings. You’ve touched us all in so many ways. I’m feeling especially blessed. You are so dear! Prayers and love to you and all the family. May 2020 be the best new year for all!

  17. Happy New Year to you and your family. I want you to know that I appreciate your posts and you sharing your family with us. Praying 2020 will be much better for everyone. Hugs.

  18. I am also constantly impressed by your town and its love for everyone in the community. I want you to know that you DO cushion others. Here’s to a fulfilling 2020 filled with love, laughter and productivity.

  19. Jo, in the midst of all the pain you have endured this year, you continue to inspire and encourage me. If I am ever in your position, reading the blogs I have saved will be part of my healing. My word for 2020 is PRAY, and my prayer for you is that this year will be full of special blessings, that your cancer will be found and dealt with effectively and that Jesus will always be your source of comfort, strength and much joy.
    Happy New Year!

  20. Judith Fairchild

    I think the word cushions is so appropriate for the people you have that have helped you endure all you have been through. Lord help me be a cushion and not a sharp rock this coming year. Aren’t babies the best at lifting our spirits. Hearing a baby laugh or fuss in church just makes it better. Thank God you have littles to play with and looking forward to more. Have a very blessed New Year.

  21. The word cushion is perfect for the year as we deal with one another. This is a wonderful post but then most of your posts are. You’ve had an incredibly tough year but you are strong and you’ve come through it. Reading your blog each day is one of the pleasures of my life.

  22. May you have a Happy New Year, may it be a softer one for you. Your post was a cushion itself. By the time I read of the carolers, I was in tears. I am six years out from losing my husband, so I so know of what you write with each post. Praying as you sink into the cushions around you, you will comfort and relax, and let your body work out what is going on with in. Maybe even take care of itself as you care for yourself and others. Cushion is a great word, perfect actually. Be well.

  23. Happy New Year Jo and all your family
    I thought my word for the year should be “calm”. After a crazy year of medical treatments, shoulder surgery and other issues which I needn’t dwell on it seemed like calm was something I should strive for. After reading your post “cushion” might be an even better one. My DH has MS with all that entails. My greatest comfort for the past few decades has been playing with fabric. Retirement and treatments has curtailed the budget so I am finding that the cushion of having scrap bins is keeping me calm? DH is in a downward slide so I am trying to remind myself of how others have suffered a bigger loss that I hopefully will not have to face as yet. I just want to thank you for the caring you show with your posts. Your strength and your courage is an inspiration for those of us who are facing your situation. Enjoy your grand babies and sweet little Rosie.

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