Happy Mother’s Day!

On a recent Saturday Kalissa and I went for a drive to stock the booth that we have at the antique mall in Harmony.  On our way we stopped at garage sales and the thrift stores.  At one of the thrift stores it was a bag sale day.  She was getting some stuff for Carver for play clothes and said there was room in the bag so if I wanted anything, she would put it in her bag.  I really wasn’t feeling like clothes shopping so said thanks and forgot about it.

We were standing in line to pay and the shorts were right along our line we were waiting in.  Kalissa pulled out a pair of black shorts and asked if I wanted her to throw them in the bag for me.  She looked at the label and they were my size and they were Duluth Trading Company Brand and they were in mint condition.  I didn’t want to take the time to try them on so I said -sure throw them in.

It was a busy evening when I got home and I forgot about the shorts.  Then next day I tried them on and had Karl take a picture of me.  I sent to Kalissa.

She wrote back and said, “I think you have a picture of your mom and you said that when you look at it that’s the mom that you remember or that is how you remember her. I think that this is my favorite picture of you ever and I will look back at it and that will be the mom that I remember.  Especially with all the house in the background too.”

The picture of my mom that Kalissa is referring to is this….
It’s a picture of a picture.  I don’t have the original.

I’m guessing mom was about my age now…maybe a little older when this was taken…and that’s exactly how I remember her.  Busy in the kitchen.  We had a kitchen like ours that was truly the heart of our home.  I’m kind of honored that Kalissa will remember me this way…in the kitchen just like my mom was.  No fancy clothes…just everyday life.

I am not one for “celebrating” Mother’s Day.  I celebrate Mother’s Day every day that I spend time with my kids be that in person or on the phone.  I don’t need any gifts for Mother’s Day at all.  My kids are all the gift I ever need….I’m so blessed to have them.  I’m so blessed that they can take every day moments any time of the year and let me know that they appreciate me.

…and about the shorts, I love them.  I looked them up on line.  $64!  Wow.  Great deal.  They are going to me a summer staple for me.  I’m past the short-shorts stage….thanks for shorts and the good memory Kalissa!

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. I like the picture of you Jo! You look great in those shorts but somehow you don’t look like anyone’s mama especially of adult children ~ you appear way too young!

  2. Great picture of you. P.S. You looks great in shorts. As I am over 60, and my legs are as pretty as they once were, I only wear shorts at home.)

  3. You look great in those shorts! I love the length! For Mother’s Day, one of my daughters and her family, who moved near us several years ago, comes over on Mother’s Day and makes us dinner. So we get some company and a delicious meal too. This year a son and his family who recently moved near us joined us also. A dinner and phone calls from those others farther away are my gifts from my kids.

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