Happy (Late) Halloween-From Kelli

A post from Kelli–

This past weekend, I worked a few extra shifts and did a little bit of quilt shopping with mom.  It was a wonderful weekend, but I sat down after getting home from work on Sunday night and was exhausted.  Jason was watching a show and there was an advertisement for halloween!  Shoot!

I competely had forgotten about dressing up for work on Halloween.  Previously, I have always had atleast one, but up to four costumes for any given Halloween between the day of and going out the weekends before and after.

I knew that I needed something quick-and preferably cheap.  After a quick search on Pinterest, I had an idea!

I had a work meeting in Decorah on Monday, hit up The Depot to find a few things, and grabbed the rest of the supplies at Walmart.

Can you guess what I was?

Pig in a Blanket-Hanken (225x300)

I was a pig in a blanket!  I found a headband with pink ears on it and added a bit of pink felt behind them.  I made a pig snout out of a toilet paper tube and felt.  I had the shirt and leggings, but picked up a sweatshirt at the Depot and cut the arms off to use as leg warmers.  I also happened to have the Granny Square throw that I made into a cape.  Overall, I probably spent $5.00 so it was a win for me!

I was working at the hospital, so I wasn’t able to wear the cape all day, but I wore the rest of the costume and it worked out pretty well. I was easily able to flip my nose up and down and just wore it around my neck.

I also got quite a few compliments on it.  I didn’t win any prizes, but there were some awesome costumes from other departments.  But the best part was that I was able to make a few patients smile….And that I would consider an accomplishment!

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  1. You are so clever! I chuckled when I read how you made the snout. What a neat idea to use the sweatshirt arms as leg warmers! You look really cute in your costume. Good work and very creative! If I had been a patient I would have been smiling really big, no matter how bad I felt. You reminded me of my daughter in this picture, when she was younger. Thanks for the smiles!

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