Happy Jelly Roll Day!!

Did you know today is Jelly Roll day?  Who knew there was such a thing!  If you want to read a little more about it, you can find some info HERE.

I thought I’d do a little post and let you know where I am sitting with jelly rolls.

This is the total of jelly rolls I have in my sewing room….

ONE!! Can you believe it??  Now if you asked about layer cakes or charm packs, I’d have to confess to more.  I think jelly rolls are a cut I use most often.

I’m guessing that many of you have more than one jelly roll sitting around at your house.  Now being it’s jelly roll day, when not grab one and use it up?!

Here are some of the free patterns we have on our blog that use jelly rolls.  Maybe one of them will entice to pop it open and start sewing.

This is Ins and Outs.

You can find the free pattern HERE.

This is Meet in the Middle.  It’s been a super popular pattern on the blog.

Here are the free printable directions.

Although we didn’t make this quilt with a jelly roll, it is completely jelly roll friendly.  We call this one Ariel’s Wedding Quilt.

Find the free pattern HERE.

The most popular pattern to date is a quilt we called Jimmy John.  I made it from my brother and his wife as an anniversary gift.

You can find the pattern for it HERE.

This is our Modified Log Cabin quilt.  I LOVED this fabric line…it was called Oz from Moda.
You can find the free pattern for this quilt HERE.

Here’s our Jelly Roll Rail Fence quilt….this one is a really beginner friendly quilt.

You can find the pattern for it HERE.

To wrap up the free pattern listing I thought I would include this quilt.  This was made from jelly roll leftovers.  You all know how hard it is to use up every scrap but with a pattern like this, you just might be able to.  You can find the pattern HERE.  If you want to make this and don’t have enough strips left over, you can always dig through your stash and throw in a scrap or two.


For one last idea on using up all the pieces of your jelly roll….do this on the back for backing….

All we did was sew all remaining scraps into a long strip and then we cut the strip to backing size and sewed them together.  You can see that all the “bricks” of the quilt are different lengths.

In the past Kelli and I have made MANY other jelly roll quilts for Moda Bake Shop.  I went to put them in a link here and rats.  The archive is down.  Bummer.  I guess I’ll have to end the post here.

All I know is that jelly rolls make the quickest, easiest quilts.   If I didn’t have Georgia’s quilt to finish, I think I’d likely grab that roll I have and get sewing.

So curious minds want to know…How many jelly rolls are in your stash?

19 thoughts on “Happy Jelly Roll Day!!”

  1. I don’t have any either but after seeing all the pretty ones you posted, I know I need to get one.
    Funny thing is, when you said it’s National Jelly Roll Day, I immediately thought of a jelly roll dessert! You can tell how my mind works!

  2. I don’t have many jelly rolls in my stash. When I buy one it is usually for a specific quilt. Currently there is a sofa sized quilt for a wedding present in the ready to be quilted phase. It is a variation of an eye spy (like a rail fence) with the jelly roll fabric between 2 solid fabrics.
    I agree with Jo there should be a “Charm Square” day. I have nearly 50 packs of charm squares in my stash and only about 6 jelly rolls!

  3. This is a very fun post, Jo! I have two. One a friend gave me, it’s a beauty from Kansas Troubles. I love looking at it!l. Bahaha! Seriously though, it is sweet! The second one is a Barbara Blackman line called Ladies Album. Gorgeous and only $5 from the thrift shop. Who wouldn’t buy that?! I think they are the prettiest way to display fabric but I do want to use them and really love the quilts you’ve shown us today!

  4. I’ve never bought one either but I have to admit I have plenty from leftover pieces of fabric that I purchased in the past, so maybe a scrappy jelly roll quilt?
    Love and prayers

  5. I prefer to prewash my fabrics, so I avoid precuts. I remember getting one for a workshop, which of course I haven’t finished. I have several gift quilts to make first, before I get to that one.

  6. I have 45 plus. Last year I went to Paducah and bought maybe 7-8 jelly rolls. This past spring I found an ad on Facebook Marketplace selling all her stash. Hubby and I drove there and I bought Name brand jelly rolls and layer cakes for $10, charms for $3 and Kona yardage for $1 a yard. When I came home after spending $200 and three huge bags very heavy, I cleaned out my sewing room and found more jelly rolls in a drawer. I was shocked at what I found and decided I had enough! I do use precuts all the time, I don’t wash my fabrics anymore, but I’ll test them. I love jelly rolls and have many books on using them. Guess I’ll use your patterns now too. Thanks for this post.

  7. I have one, plus a few charm packs and one layer cake. My area of temptation is the remnant bins. So have a drawer of neatly folded remnants. I never find good fabric while thrifting…never. But, remnants are fun!

  8. ZERO! I have been gifted a few in the past and I used them. I found them to be inaccurate and a real pain to trim (and they were big name vendors). I’d rather cut yardage into strips I need.

    I’m glad there are people who love them and want to use them.

    Great review of your quilts today. You and Kelli have created some wonderful patterns.

    Happy Saturday :-)

  9. I’m not sure how many I have, but several. I’m still in skilled care after the surgery, so no sewing today. It will be awhile. Hopefully when I get home, I can cut some things and have them ready.

  10. I have one jelly roll that I bought at a local garage sale. My two LQS do not sell them. I have ordered some online but find it difficult to select the fabrics for lattice and borders even from the same fabric line. I like to see and feel the fabric before buying.

  11. I have only bought a couple of jelly rolls in my many years of quilting. I just don’t use pre-cuts.
    Enjoyed seeing the quilts on your blog post today…..thanks for sharing!!

  12. I’m not much for buying Jelly Rolls. The only ones I have are to make your Ring Around the Rosie quilt, in the same fabrics you used. I think I’ve only bought two other Jelly Rolls, one for a bright couch quilt my daughter wanted and another of the same because I liked hers so much that I wanted to make one for me as well.

  13. More than a year ago – three. Not as many quilt shops carry Moda fabric these days so if I want a certain designer fabric – French General – I have to buy precuts and the jelly roll seems like I might make something someday.

  14. I do not have jelly rolls. I have purchased one or two in the past, but for specific class. I would make any of your quilts in this post.

  15. The president of our quilt guild issues a challenge at our January meetings. Last year’s challenge was to name and provide a picture of a quilt in progress (or UFO) that needed to be completed by the December meeting. For prizes, to those who completed their projects, she awarded various jelly rolls. That was an award and tied into this year’s challenge…make a quilt or anything else sewn with …you guessed it… a jelly roll (or 2-1/2” strips)!

    I have two Bali Pop batik strips sets in shades of teal and aqua that I have been saving for a special project. Maybe I’ll make a kimono jacket from it once I piece them together.

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