Happy Halloween!!

I love seeing old pictures from when I was growing up.  This is Halloween 1969 or 1970.  My brother Jim is a motorcycle dude and my brother Jay is the lady.  I’m in the middle going as myself.  My older two siblings were already past Halloween age.

Actually back in the day Halloween wasn’t such a big deal.  People didn’t really buy costumes.  My parents were not into Halloween at all.  We were allowed to dress up for the school Halloween party that was held in the evening on Halloween night.  I wasn’t old enough to be in school so I didn’t get to go.  I can imagine that mom wanted to take a picture of the boys and I threw a fit and wanted to be in the picture. (Hey I am the youngest in the family and I admit I did throw a fit or two)

Notice the candy in my hand.  I am sure that was given to me to pacify me that I wasn’t going to get to go to the party.

My brother Jay is still really into Halloween.  He comes up some amazing costumes and has been known to win contests regularly.  Me..I gave up on dressing up for Halloween went I got married.  I have never really been into Halloween.  I hate feeling scared…safe feels good to me.

It sure is fun to go back and look at old photos.  I love seeing the curtains mom had in the house…I love seeing how I used to stand on the side of my feet like I am in the photo just like my daughter Kalissa still does to this day.  It’s fun how old pictures bring back old memories.

Happy Halloween to you all!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!”

  1. I didn’t like Halloween as a kid. I never understood the point of dressing up in costumes and going door to door begging for candy. When my kids were little we lived in a rural area and in order to “Trick or Treat” we had to drive from house to house in the dark and usually it was raining as well. When my kids were old enough to discuss it I asked what they liked about Halloween and they said “dressing up and candy.” I suggested we establish a dress up box and on Halloween they could each pick out a bag of their favorite candy to share with each other and they agreed. I was relieved. As adults they’ve come to know the real meaning of Halloween and they don’t observe it.

  2. I’m not big on Halloween either. We allow the kids to wear costumes for a picture for my mom and they can go to the Trunk or Treat at her church (we celebrate All Saint’s Day at our church). That’s about it.

    I *do* like the candy though!

  3. The best part of Halloween was walking around the neighborhood with the other mothers and catching up. All of the kids had home made costumes and enjoyed walking around with us. The neighborhood has changed and I don’t know the kids anymore.Many of them don’t say “thank you” when you give them candy. I’ve decided tonight is my last night to have my light on and pass out candy.

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