Happy Fourth!!

Happy 4th of July!!

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I’ve had a few days off but tomorrow I am back to work.  I sure have enjoyed some uninterrupted time quilting and  time gardening and time reflecting on how happy I am to live in a country, despite it’s up and downs, that I love.

I hope you got in some sewing time, family time or whatever it is that you need to recharge yourself.

I’ll be back with a regular blog post tonight.

4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!!”

  1. Happy Fourth of July! We’re in Cork, Ireland today, but that’s okay. We’ll see Blarney Castle today, but there’s no way I’m kissing the stone!

  2. Happy 4th Jo, glad you are enjoying a few days in your sewing room and the garden. We have had rain the last 4 days so I hope its dry for the barbecues today.

  3. Jo, I LOVE your philosophy. I’ve never tried not ironing the binding in half, but might give it a go. For me, it depends on the project. If the quilt is solid red and white, I’m much more particular about my fudges. If it’s scrappy, all bets are off. I tell all my students that we each have our own tolerance for matched seams, etc. I have them look up close at the quilt I’m teaching and they can always find seams that aren’t perfect. Then I ask if they noticed it before we went searching… nope! I think it helps them get comfortable with less than perfection. You are an Iowa whirlwind — in a good way! Keep up the great work and posts.

  4. I agree with most all your statements, i just can’t figure in my mind how to put on an unpressed binding. Just curious, NOT critical-I would never try to put my “rules” onto others or criticize someone else’s! If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!

    Have a Happy 4th.

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