Happy Easter-Happy Spring!!

I am headed off off to church and will then be making lunch for whoever arrives here. The last I heard it will my son Karl and daughter Kalissa along with her family. We aren’t doing anything fancy which makes life really simple. We are having ham. Karl works for a large pig farmer-he works in the office-so Karl is bringing the ham. It’s truly the best ham. You can order them HERE if you’re interested. Seriously, the best ham I’ve ever had every single time.

I don’t know that any other food is planned. I said something to Kalissa that we should just make a few things we’ve been wanting to make. She said she was going to make some salmon dip and offered to make some version of potatoes.

I laughed and told her I was in the mood to make two things…maple bacon rolls and egg rolls. She laughed and said “DO IT!”…so I’m not sure what we’re having. Whatever I wake up and make is what we are going to have. We’re living life on the edge today…at least in the food department.

I’m so glad that we got past the point of having stressful meals. It’s really made holidays so much more enjoyable. I’m sure many to you would agree.

Wishing you all a great day whether you celebrate a religious Easter or a non-religious Easter or if you’re a no Easter person, I’m hoping you find joy in your day.

If the kids….

leave early, I’m going to make it a sewing/cross stitching day and take if easy. Yesterday was full of busyness and I could use some time behind some type of needle whether it’s a cross stich needle or a sewing needle.

For those of you who are itching to start the new stitch along, I filmed a video yesterday that I’m hoping to talk Kalissa into editing for me when she’s here tomorrow. Watch for that this week…I finished Craig’s quilt so watch for that too!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter-Happy Spring!!”

  1. A Blessed Easter to you and your family, Jo. Your Easter meal sounds perfect. Less cooking and more family!
    Love and prayers

  2. Happy Easter. My favorite part of the day is to see little children hunting for Easter eggs. I used to go to thrift stores and buy smaller extremely cute stuffed animals that I could wash and dry. I would hide them with the eggs. My grandchildren went crazy finding about 4-6 each. I also put coins in some of the eggs, it was so much fun. I agree that no stress meals should be a part of Easter. Have a great day Jo.

  3. Your Easter meal sounds perfect and delicious! making it all easier is my idea of a great family gathering. Happy Easter Jo!

  4. A nice Spring day here in Michigan. We had hamburgs and brats on the grill. Along with a pasta salad and cheesy potatoes. A wonderful day for Easter celebrations.

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