Happy Easter

As you are reading this, my son Karl and I are headed out to Easter church services. Easter is one of my favorite times at church. The blessings of Easter are great, the music of Easter is my favorite, and with the coming of Easter is the promise of Spring.

We don’t have big get-together plans. Most of my kids are celebrating with their own families and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Long ago I gave up getting together on Easter for a couple of different reasons…The main one was that I wanted to go to church and take it all in. We had tried to get together on Easter but I found myself sitting in church services listing off all things that I needed to do once we got home. Nope. Not good. I wasn’t appreciating the blessing of Easter…instead, I was thinking all of the mom and hosting things.

I explained that to my husband and he said, “Well then let’s pick another day to get together”. PERFECT SOLUTION!!

That’s when our family started getting together on Palm Sunday instead…and now it’s typically the Saturday of Palm Sunday weekend.

After church Karl, Craig, the boys, and I are having lunch together (Kalissa is sleeping because she works overnights this weekend). Karl’s making a ham. Craig’s making potatoes…and I have to come up with a dessert and salad…I think I’ll make some stuffing too. I don’t have a thing made but I’m not going to worry about it either. The guys are all flexible and don’t care. It’s the lowest key of low-key events. I love it.

I’m guessing we’ll play a board game after lunch and everyone will head home.

Then I’m going to stitch or sew the rest of the day. PERFECT!! I’m making it a relaxing day. The only thing I plan to put big effort into is appreciating the blessing of Easter! I hope you get to do that as well. HAPPY EASTER to you all.

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    1. Happy blessed Easter to you and the family Jo. It’s the finest of holidays. I love it. I love the church service: music, sermon and all the togetherness. It’s a wonderful blessed day. Have a wonderful meal with the family. It’s a day of celebration. Christ the Lord has risen today. Blessings and love on the way to you Jo. Stay strong. You’re such an awesome person.

  1. I went to Easter service alone, but I don’t mind that. Some of my family is in Florida for spring break softball tournaments. A couple of grandsons are coming over this afternoon to watch NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. And then Nascar race on tv this evening. I’ll crochet while watching. A relaxing day. Hope your Easter is joyful!

  2. Yes, Easter is a day to attend church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!! He makes all our days worth it. I was able to attend dinner at sister’s with hubby, brother and his wife – just the five of us. Good times. Happy Easter to you and your family. I’m not sure that NASCAR race will be running – depends on the rain in Richmond.

  3. Yes He is risen ! Our pastor asked us to contemplate the fact that God the Father gave His beloved Son for our redemption and reflect how much we must be loved for Him to do that.

  4. Happy Belated Easter! Sounds like you had a very nice day planned. We had our Easter get-together on Palm Sunday as well. Low key & nice. Just us, our daughter’s family and of course the two cute little great-grandsons. Kids are what make these holiday get-togethers!

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