Happy Easter!!

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Happy Easter….

Like many of you, we are home.  All of my kids are at their homes…well Karl’s here but he lives with me.

We typically don’t get together on Easter…we typically do Palm Sunday instead so the kids can be with the “other side of the family” on Easter.  We started that a long time ago so the kids didn’t feel rushed when they came to visit us and get together.

As much as I’m missing the kids, I’m missing church more.  The wonderful Easter songs are playing in my head and I’m trying to sing along.  I’m trying not to think about COVID-19.  I promised myself today that I would not look at the computer or watch the news on any updates about it.  I want to be as joyful as I can…that’s hard to do though.  We’re expecting snow here overnight.  I hate snow in April…and now it’s a little like insult to injury…but I’m forging ahead that sticking with JOY!

For me, Easter is my favorite religious event.  Everyone in church is so happy..the Easter lilies look so pretty…and of course the religious side of things being comforted knowing that new life can be ours.

I can’t help but reflect on last year at this time….

Here we all were.  Kramer was still with us….we didn’t have Baby Jasper or Baby Lilly.  Karl is was living in Texas.  Who knew so much could change in a year?

One of my happiest things…Lucy doesn’t hate me anymore.  I always knew she’d come around but I’m so happy to see she actually did.  Before Lilly was born I made a goal to try to get to their house more often but then came COVID-19.  We’ll have to see what happens with that.

We’re going to facetime sometime today…I am thankful for that….and super thankful that someday, I’ll see Kramer again.  Easter was his favorite too…

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  1. Happy Easter Jo! I am going to refrain from the news too! At least we have FaceTime where we can visit! Stay positive!

  2. Cheryl in Dallas


    I remember your post from last Easter so well. You described that you and Krammer would not be going to church because he didn’t feel up to it. You encouraged everyone who would be at Easter service to sing real loud on the words of that favorite hymn “Up from the grave He arose!” And so I did when I was at church. I sang those words loud enough for folks in Iowa to hear! And in a church with thousands present, that had to be loud. Ha!

    I, too, am looking forward to that day when all the dead in Christ will rise and we will be reunited with those we love once again. In the meantime . . .

    He is risen!

  3. This is the first year for a while that I won’t be singing out cantata and my husband playing trumpet. We will have a second Easter service when we can meet in person again. Fortunately my pastor’s family is incredibly talented musically so we will have those wonderful songs in our Facebook live service.

  4. I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterdays post. The Brick House in low volume. It certainly struck a cord with me yesterday and I haven’t gotten it out of my mind. I ‘saw’ it as Easter, the reminder of joy unspeakable, of the resurrection and the meaning thereof. How the disciples and Christ’s followers must have grieved on Good Friday. Just 5 days previous, Christ entered the city riding on a donkey with people cheering Him. People were cheering a ‘king’. Little did they know what was to happen a mere 5 days later.

    For the first time, I can finally sort of imagine their anguish upon His death. Only sort of. Since the inspiration of your low volume Brick House quilt, I can actually ‘see’ a glorious quilt. One with soft yet vibrant yellows, pinks, purples, white and a touch of blue. Yes, I see the early morning dawn with the promise of a sunny day.

    And yes, I’m going to take advantage of your nice tutorial to make a Sunrise quilt. Well, I haven’t actually named it yet. I want and need it as a reminder that no matter what, God not only died for us, but He gave His only begotten Son so that we could have eternal life.

    Thanks to your post, I am bursting with joy. Today, here on earth, no matter what country one is living in, it can appear that life will never be the same. But one tends to think in terms of ‘not good’. But I have just seen the light (through your post) that maybe we are feeling like the followers of Christ did on Good Friday. And just maybe it may be more likely that God is in the process of another miracle.

    This current situation is global. As I think about the timing, I see a great revival as never seen before. Truly biblical. See, I have to make this quilt as a reminder to always, always keep looking up. It so aligns with scripture. Scripture always teaches us to keep our eyes on Christ!

    I stopped listening to news on the television several weeks ago. Why? Because it always without fail focuses on the negative! That is not what God deems for His people. What, no hope? No comfort?

    So I must ask myself, “Where is this coming from?” Well certainly not from the Lord God. Scripture points us to the peace that passes all understanding and that we are to guard our hearts and minds!

    Yes, it is imperative that I start this quilt Monday. But today I will rejoice and ‘spend’ it with family.

    Jo, I will never forget this blog, you and your family. All of you will be in my prayers daily. And yes, I did enjoy the blog with you and the girls a few days ago. Hugs from Maine.

  5. A Blessed Easter to you too, Jo. We’ll be watching the service on tv today. Not as good as getting together but still…
    Love and prayers

  6. Our family is also missing church. If you want to hear some beautiful songs check our Andrea Bocelli on youtube. He is having a live concert today from the Duomo in Milan. His concert is called Music for Hope. Have a blessed Easter. He is Risen!

  7. Happy Easter to the Kramer Clan! We will do facetime with our children (one in Wisconsin & one in Colorado) this afternoon. Its been raining since last night and will continue all day so we are spending it inside. Our Easter feast with be simple and leftover for dinner tonight. We plan to watch Ben Hur this afternoon, a classic and a family favorite.

  8. Happy Easter Jo, Thank you for the Joy to bring to me each time I read your blog.. Today was extra special reading the wonderful comments made from your blog readers. I don’t feel so alone.

  9. Hopefully at this time next year this will all be a very bad memory. I have my 13 year old grand son living with me now as he has severe asthma. My daughter works at a long term care facility and my son in law drives for UPS and they both have had coworkers who have texted positive. This weekend I busied myself with baking rolls and cinnamon rolls; and made a ham and potato salad for my three children. They picked up their portion from my front porch and I was able to chat with them from a distance. My only granddaughter was to be married the end of May and has now changed her wedding to just include immediate family and will be married in my backyard. All these inconveniences are inconsequential if we all remain healthy and safe through all this. Wishing you and your family Easter blessings and that you all remain safe.

  10. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Snow on Easter really reminds me of what we look like to God because of the blood of Jesus…pure white! Snow always makes everything look so beautiful…even a garbage dump (rather like us with our sins) looks gorgeous under 6″ of new snow!! You are so blessed to have your family as close as they are…enjoy every moment with them!

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