Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

Few things beat Easter morning for me.  I don’t think we’ll make it this year.  Kramer still isn’t feeling really well…If you’re there and if you’re a singer, belt out “Jesus Christ has risen today”.  It’s my favorite!!

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I don’t say much about religion here on the blog.  I’m not super public about my religion, political views or anything else along those lines.  I am not here to preach or push anything on anyone.  But…I am sharing this today.  It comes from a christian perspective and if it’s not something you want to read, that’s okay.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.  If you don’t mind a little bit of a christian view on things, read on.

Kramer and I have spent the last almost 3 months dealing with his cancer diagnosis.  Through it everyone has been so amazingly great.  We’ve had all sorts of kindnesses both expressed and given to us.

A couple people have given us McDonald’s gift cards.  It’s Kramer who is using the cards.  He can swallow chocolate shakes and he gets one on every trip to Lacrosse now.  Seriously, there’s not a lot of foods he can eat so this a blessing.

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He SO appreciated the gift cards.  Thank you!!

Some family and friends have sent us gas cards, a VISA card, a Home Depot card, a Subway card.  SO MANY people have sent good wishes cards.  We expected nothing from anyone.  We’ve loved the well wishes and prayers  sent whether that be across the airs, in the comment section here or through the mail.  We love and appreciate it all.

As Easter approached I couldn’t help but think of all the notes, prayers, gifts and kindness, that have been sent our way as Kramer has been fighting cancer.  Many people who have done kindnesses don’t know us.  Many people have never met us.  All of this amazes us….we are undeserving of any of this.  We aren’t always kind.  We aren’t always thoughtful. We aren’t always doing great things…yet, you have given to us.

We are undeserving of anything.

Some of you have done wonderful things….Some of you we’ve never met.  Yet, you do kindnesses for us.

All of this is unbelievable to us.  As I said, we are undeserving.

With this all happening at Easter time, we can’t help, as christians, to think of this with an Easter spirit.  We are undeserving of of the gift of forgiveness.  We try…but never can do or be enough to enter heaven any other way but through the death of Jesus…yet forgiveness is given to us.  All we need to do is accept it.

Accepting gifts has been so hard for us.  All of you have helped us practice receiving gifts.  Thanks to the support you’ve given us, this year more than ever, it is easier for us to accept the gift of forgiveness we believe is offered to us by the death of Jesus that happened on Good Friday and is celebrated on Easter Sunday.  Many of you have helped us learn to truly accept a gift with no strings attached…much like the gift Jesus offers at Easter.

Thank you for teaching us to accept gifts.  It’s made Easter more special to us than ever.

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  1. Jo, you say you are undeserving and that can’t be more from the truth. God wouldn’t have these gifts coming your way if you weren’t deserving.

    I did get a chuckle when you said “we aren’t always kind……” that just shows you are human and exactly why we need to accept what God has offered so that we can have everlasting life. Happy Easter. May God’s blessing continue to enrich you and your family.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

    ps since Roger is having problems eating you might try some protein shakes or get some protein powder and mix in the shakes. That will help keep his energy up.

  2. Happy Easter Jo and family! I am sure you are already fixing them but smoothies with protein powder would be good for hubby.

  3. Someone shared with me that if we refuse a gift we deny the giver of grace. They worded it much more eloquently than I. When a gift is offered giver and receiver both are gifted with grace. No matter how small the gift.

  4. Crying now, but not sad tears, that was just so wonderfully expressed. One main reason I read your blog is because your genuineness shines through ( as does the love you all have for each other). He is Risen!

  5. Celebrating the gift of life that is ours because He lives! We give because He first gave for us. Happy Easter!

  6. Katherine Gourley

    Happy Easter, Jo, Kramer and Kids,

    You say that you do not talk about your religion on your blog — you do not have to — you and your family model it in everything you do. None of us DESERVE what Jesus has given us freely and without conditions other than accepting the gift of his death and resurrection for all of us and each of us individually. GRACE oh GRACE, I deserve none of it.

    As a former oncology nurse — eating can be a challenge for many patients. We used to make Ensure shakes to provide protein. We we would use full fat ice cream and blend it in a blender with Ensure or Boost in any flavor the patient liked. We have so many flavor choices now that were not there when I was working with cancer patients.

    May the blessings of His resurrection be with you.

  7. Happy Easter to all of your family …….You are always in my thoughts & Prayers …..Very nice blog Jeanne you do such a great job w/everything you do ……what a caring & Loving family you & Roger raised they will get you both through w/what ever is a head of you…God’s strength ………

  8. Arrowhead Gramma

    Happy Easter to the Kramer family.

    To me, this is the most inspirational posts you have written Jo. It is through journeys like you and Roger are traveling right now is when we are sustained by our faith. As one who has traveled the cancer journey and also being very independent, I quickly learned to be accepting of what others wanted to do for me during my journey.

    Prayers for good health continue for you and Roger.

  9. We sang your favorite Easter hymn in church today. Happy Easter! You are certainly deserving of the gifts and prayers people send you. You and your family are such generous kind people. I enjoy your blog and the tales of your family life. Prayers for you and Kramer.

  10. Christ is Risen today. He is Risen indeed. May you feel the joy, mercy and grace of Easter close to you as you continue to walk through this hard time. Whenever you accept a kindness, remember the joy this brings to the person who is doing their best to be the hands and feet of Christ. What a gift you give to them in this way.

  11. Hi Jo,
    Happy Easter!! That was beautifully put. I know it can be hard to accept help when we need it. I am that way too. We need to remember when we cry out to God for help that He often sends others in our lives to be that help for us. It not only blesses us to accept help when we need it, but it also blesses the people that help us. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers every day and when we sang “Jesus Christ is risen today”this morning in church I sang it thinking of you.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  12. We got up early and took my Mom to sunrise service…we sang your song! We just lost my stepdad to COPD two weeks ago. Tell Kramer this stuff is insidious and to please use those inhalers and follow doctor’s orders. God Bless all of you. It’s been tough here but your myriad of problems put ours into perspective. And you’re deserving of all the support you are getting if for no other reason than your fabulously positive attitude in light of all your trials. Wishing you better days ahead. Happy Easter.

  13. Beautifully said, Jo. I hope I never need the kind of help you have found yourself in need of. If I do, I will try to remember your wise words, as I am also the sort who has trouble a accepting help. Thank you.

  14. Happy Easter, to the Kramer family. What a wonderful message you shared today. God is showing his grace through everyone you have touched with your generosity through the years. Continued prayers for you all, and you get some sleep if you possibly can.

  15. Cheryl in Dallas

    Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

    Thank you for the beautiful description of how a person must RECEIVE the gift of salvation that God offers freely, and allow Jesus to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

    When our church congregation sang “Christ The Lord is Risen Today” this morning, I sang real loud for you! You can hear this morning’s service on YouTube video. Fast forward to 24:00 for “Christ The Lord is Risen Today, and fast forward to 30:30 for The Hallelujah Chorus.


    (Or see Stonebriar Community Church, April 19, 2019, Easter Service.)

  16. I accidentally found your blog, and now i look forward to reading the story of you and your family, hoping and praying that our Lord will shower your family with many healing blessings. I am glad that so many have given you help in one way or another, it gives us faith that in this world there are many good people, doing things for others ( who are just ordinary people like the rest of us). my thoughts and prayers are coming to you from Australia as i am sure from many other parts of the world.

  17. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and thoroughly enjoy it. I think you make people feel comfortable, I feel like I could drop in for coffee with you, unannounced, like people used to do when I was growing up. (i would bring some red fabric scraps for you!!) Really enjoyed your sharing of your faith and the gospel message, Praying for good results and restful sleep.

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