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Today, September 4th, 2013, is my friend Ruby’s birthday!   Wahooo!

Ruby has come a long way…

It’s kinda strange to look back at her and see how little she used to be.  Then she got a little bigger–

Ruby-2And she met some new friends…



But then she got sick…



But thankfully she got better and started playing again…



She’s learned how to be a model…

Ruby-2-1And she’s learned how to play X-box…



So my long-tailed, frog legged, Rudy pants dog–Here’s to you and the many more memories and years to come!  If you give mom the puppy eyes and whine a bit, she might give you a nice treat!  It always worked for me!

9 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RUBY!!!”

  1. Awww! I love seeing the pics of her small, medium and now large (for her). She is so adorable. Happy Birthday Ruby! I hope you got a nice new toy and treat for your birthday!

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