Happy Birthday STACEY!! (and Kramer)

Today is Kramer’s birthday…or would have been.  It’s another first of firsts…his first birthday not here with us.  I thought it was going to be a super somber day.  I thought about taking off work…but none of that is happening.

I am working.  I’m hanging with the kiddos and I’m not dwelling on his birthday quite as much…here’s the story why.

Remember my niece Jody who recently passed away??  Well about two weeks ago I was at the hospital.  I was in the visiting room.  I was talking to Jody’s daughter Stacey.  We were chatting.  I knew her birthday was coming up so I asked, “Are you looking forward to your birthday?”  She quickly said no.  That kind of confused me.  I thought all 17 year olds loved their birthday.  So I asked why.  She said, “When you’re a triplet (she is a triplet), you always had to share your birthday and it’s no fun!”

I thought about it.  She’s right.  The fun of a birthday is it’s your day.  So what fun would it be to have to share it all the time..and share it with two other siblings.

I told Stacey we were officially assigning her a new birthday and from now on her birthday would be September 27th.  Kramer didn’t need the day anymore, he had passed away, so it could be all hers.  She laughed.  But us Kramers took it pretty seriously.  I know a couple of us sent her cards wishing her happy birthday including me.

Stacey is a great gal…here she is in a picture with Jody….

This was basketball season last year.  Jody so loved watching her play.  Happily I’ve seen her play once too.

She’s a super sweet girl with a big smile and bigger heart.  Her time with her mom has got her thinking she would like to be nurse.  That would be an awesome profession for her.

So today I’m not being sad…I’m thinking about Stacey instead.

No worries, we’re not completely giving away Kramer’s birthday.  The Friedman’s (Kalissa’s family) and I are ordering pizza and weather permitting, are having a picnic at the cemetery…or we might forgo that have supper at the uptown bar.  (Bahahaha..uptown??  The bar is two blocks away)  We’re doing something to mark the day…Kramer wasn’t big on birthdays and wasn’t around for most of them unless it was raining.  It’s harvest time here in Iowa and farmers, birthdays or not, farm.

Kramer would have been 58 today.  Today would have been the 34 birthday I celebrated with him.  Man, I wish I could have spent one more, but then if I got that wish I would wish again to spend one more. There would be no end to wishing for one more day with him.   I can so relate to this song.

I’m working really hard on rather than looking back and wishing, to look forward and be thankful.  So many people don’t get 34 years.  I sure am thankful I did.

I know this….the years I did have were all pretty darn good.

So raise a glass to those celebrating a birthday, Stacey and Kramer.  Happy Birthday to you BOTH!!

..and thanks Stacey for putting up with me, your great auntie.  XO

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday STACEY!! (and Kramer)”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    It definitely could be a difficult day, but your attitude makes all the difference. You are choosing to make it a happy day, celebrating the life you had with Kramer and gifting your niece with her own special day!! I won’t tell her it is also my birthday!!

  2. Jo, you are the best auntie ever. ❤ Happy Birthday Stacey! We all know Kramer is looking down and thinking I had the best wife ever!❤ Happy Birthday Kramer!

  3. My grand kids and dh love the Disney movie “Meet The Robinsons” and the saying in the movie is Keep Moving Forward. We try to do that.
    Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday to Kramer and Happy Birthday to Stacey.
    Love and prayers

  4. You have such a huge heart!! Happy Birthday to Kramer and Stacy. Many Blessings to you and your family.
    Hugs and prayers

  5. Every year on my mom’s birthday, we go out for Chinese food because that was her favorite! It’s a great way to celebrate her birthday even though she is gone. I hope you keep celebrating hubby’s birthday too!

  6. I am a mother of triplets. As a family we always tried to give them each a special day around October 29th. One would celebrate the day before, one on the actual day (we would try to alternate the years so each would get the actual birthday) and then one after the day. They would get to pick their favorite supper and desert. I am happy to hear you are giving your neice her own special day. Happy birthday to Kramer and to Stacey!!

  7. On the first birthday after my husband died I invited a group of his friends to a dinner to celebrate his life. We enjoyed sharing our memories together. In subsequent years, my daughter started making sure she served some of his favorite foods for dinner on his birthday. Her boys were only three when their grandpa passed but we keep his memory alive with lots of stories so they will know just how much he loved them.

  8. Love your hopeful and caring attitude ! Each day is a journey to be celebrated and Kramer sounds like a man who celebrated each day’s gifts. Wishing Stacey a wonderful birthday ! Hope that you had delicious pizza and a fantastic day. Warmest regards, Anna

  9. You made the day special by giving it to Stacey, too. What a brilliant idea. Kramer would approve of sharing his birthday. Your celebration sounds perfect.

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