Happy Birthday Mom!


 It is Jo’s wonderful daughter (Kalissa) and right now my mom isn’t home. She probably won’t tell you this but tomorrow (December 14th) is her birthday. So…on Saturday morning, Dad took her shopping (which means quilt shops, Mom isn’t too big on the mall) and they just had a weekend together and should be coming home sometime today. So…being the wonderful daughter that I am (with the help of Gracie the dog and my brother Karl) we cleaned the house like CRAZY because mom always says this: “I just want a day where I can sew in a clean house without having to make dinner.” So with a cake in the oven I am still scrambling to finish up some minor details (aka the living room and the bathroom) So Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!”

  1. That is so sweet of you! That’s exactly what I always say, too – “Just an entire day to sew in a CLEAN house, with no interruptions like having to cook.” Best gift ever! Hope your mom has a great birthday!

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