Happy Birthday Mom!

Today my Mom would have been 86…

Sadly, she only made it to 61.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve had 25 years of life without her.

My mom was awesome.  She loved family above all else.  She was an awesome cook…an amazing seamstress and in my eyes, didn’t seam to be afraid to try anything!!  Growing up she helped remodel the house.  She bought carpet or linoleum and laid it all herself…and had supper on the table that night too.

She would tackle any job.  I remember her reupholstering chairs.  She was active in farming, gardening and doing her share in providing for the family home.  She was an awesome role model.

One of her best talents was taking clothing and altering them.  She was short and had an hour glass figure (I didn’t inherit that!).  She loved blazers and thought she looked best in them if the bottom hem was just before the widest part of her hips.  She would buy a blazer from the thrift store and alter it.  She altered it so well, that it was hard to recognize that it was the same jacket.  When my brother was in a band she altered clothes adding fringe and rhinestones so that he had clothes to perform in.

Rarely, except when Dad was in the in the house for a cup of coffee did I ever see her sit.  I don’t ever remember her sitting and watching television.  She was always busy.  (I do get that from her)

I think my favorite thing of all that she gave to me was my drive to never stop learning or pursuing things that I am interested in.  Had my mom lived longer, she would have learned to use a computer…she would have sewn quilts right along with us…she’d likely have had a cell phone or even a blog.  She loved keeping up with the times.

She was a great lady who had a big impact on me and on my life.  It’s so hard to believe that this marks the year that I have lived longer without her in alive than I did with her alive.  Loosing a mom when you’re only 24 is much too soon…..Today I am thankful for the 24 years I did get to have with her and the part my mom played in making me the person I am.

I’ll always miss you mom.

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  1. MaryA from SoCal

    Hi Jo…What a beautiful tribute to your mother. Your post is especially touching since today is my birthday and I am 61. My hope is that you will focus on all your mother’s wonderful qualities and the joy she brought to your life.
    God bless you and your family.

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