Happy Birthday Karl!!

It’s not often that I talk about my son Karl on the blog..but today I am because it’s his birthday…He’s now 20…that’s hard for me to believe.

The photo was taken at our daughter Kayla’s wedding.  He’s hanging out with his cousin Angel.  They were dancing.  She grabbed onto his arm and Karl lifted her right off the ground.

Karl is so good with kids.  Honestly, kids just love him.  He is the favorite cousin of all the little cousins whether they are boys are girls.  He’s always doing things to make them feel special, wanted and included.  As much as they all love him, he loves them right back.  In fact, if the cousins are planning a visit to the farm they call first to check Karl’s schedule to see if he’ll be home.

Karl is taking his talents with people and kids on college where he is majoring in Spanish Teaching.  I don’t know if he will end up being a translator or a teachers but I am sure he’ll spend his life helping others….

I do know one things for sure, I am real proud to be his mom!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Karl!!”

  1. Your son sounds like my daughter – she’s the same way with cousins, her niece, and nephew. I know how proud you are of him – especially with the way he treats others – he will do very well!

  2. Isn’t is amazing how our kids get older but we don’t age at all? You have a lot to be proud of with this young man.

  3. Happy Birthday Karl……I share the week with you – my birthday is tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day! (Good job Mom!!!)

  4. As parents, you both have done a beautiful job in raising your children. You all are so blessed. And we are, too. I love reading your blog! Happy Birthday, Karl.

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