Happy Birthday Jo!

Hellooooo Jo Kramer Blog Readers! This is Kelli and Kalissa with a late night update.

Kelli and I were minding our own business when Ruby snuck downstairs and let Puppycat out of her kennel.  I think they have been conspiring and planning the heist all day.  She knew it was Jo’s birthday and she wanted to do something special. She ran around the house hanging streamers EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t stop them. Dogs will be dogs I guess…

Then they forced us to hack her blog and make this post to encourage all of her readers to wish her a happy 40…uh…something…birthday!

Ruby also told us that we should tell mom how much we love her and how thankful we are to have a mom like her. That reminded Kelli and I of how really truly lucky we are to have her as a mom. She’s there for us no matter what and has been our biggest fans from the day we were born..even when we broke the light fixtures in the ceiling during a broom twirling contest or when I smashed our head on a jar of peanut butter out of anger or dropped an iron face down on the carpet leaving a huge melted mess or when we call five times a day *cough* Kelli *cough* :)

The point is…we love our momma! :) Hickey Burpey as Roger Kramer would say! :)

45 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jo!”

  1. Happy Birthday Jo!! How fun….and stay with the 40ish something as long as you can…I had to move out of that era and into the ummm 50ish something this year….ouch!!!! Hope your day is just super!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jo! I read your blog every day and I so enjoy it! I love seeing the quilting and sewing that goes on, and the family life that peeks in now and then. Hope you have many more years of joyful life!

  3. Happy Birthday Jo!!!! – It’s been so great getting inspiration from your blog – you have a lovely family! You have a great day and may God bless you with many more wonderful birthdays!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jo. You are one of my consistant “happy places” on the world wide web. :-)
    I hope your birthday has been absolutely fabulous & that this year is filled with miracles, both large & small, every day.
    Big hugs to you.

  5. Happy birthday. May all the beautiful, loving and wonderful things you have done for others come back to you in triplicate.
    Have the best birthday ever.

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