Happy Birthday Jo-Mama!

A post from Kelli–

Jo has been HACKED!!!!

But in the best way possible of course!  And for a wonderful reason!  Today is my Momma’s birthday!

The past few years have been a bit rough.  Mom always tells us that in order to know how great the good things are, you have to go through some of the bad spots too!  I can’t really think of a better lesson to have learned over the past few years.

As a family we’ve been challenged and we’ve celebrated and through all of the lows, mom has been there to keep us pushing forward, offering advice, and just listening to us cry or complain.  She’s also been one of the first ones to congratulate us, cheer us on, and tell us she’s proud of us for a job well done.  She’s the one that knows I’ve been having a bad week before I even realize it!  And she’s the one to make me do the things that I know I need to do, but don’t want to.  She’s always willing to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.

And in the in-between times, she’s been there to keep us going, encourage us, and have the hard talks with us.  All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better friend, business partner or mom!

I’ve seen the memes floating around Facebook before that talk about how you’d be happy if you could be half the mom your mom was to you.  Me?  I’d be thrilled if I could be a fraction of a percent of the mom that my mom is!  She is literally a saint!

So make sure to send her some birthday wishes!  She surely deserves them!

121 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jo-Mama!”

  1. Jo, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday with all the love you desire. Praying for a healthy, happy new year of fun and inspiration.

  2. Happy birthday Jo! Thank you for your blog and making my day better with your tips, advice and stories. I enjoy them all!

  3. Happy Birthday Jo!! I hope you have a very special day!! Thank you for all you do for your blog readers!! I’ve learned so much from you!

  4. Have a great day and Happy Birthday!! You are blessed with a wonderful family! Thanks for your time you give your blog readers. Love your blog.

  5. Happy B-day Jo! I love reading your posts and following what you are doing with your family, the child care kids, sewing …..everything that you are involved in. Hope you have an awesome day! Marsha


  6. To a wonderful lady, HAPPY Birthday, I raise my glass to you! ( it’s a cup of coffee). Wish I could help you celebrate , enjoy some sewing on your special day

  7. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you! May God continue to bless you as you turn around and bless so many others. You are one of the great ones! (lovely tribute, Kelli)

  8. Happy Birthday Jo, from New Hampshire. What a pleasant start to my day to be able to read about all aspects and thought processes of your life, reasons for doing what you do and why, but also why you do not do something and do not have guilt about that decision. My husband’s birthday is also today. Two GREAT people, what a special day! So have a wonderful day as you celebrate your specialness!

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady I’m proud to call my friend. Great post, Kelli! I know your family appreciates you and all you do. I appreciate you too! Have a wonderful day!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Jo! Birthday weekends are the best.
    We use to live around Ringsted years ago. Love reading your blog about going to auctions, redoing old furniture to sell and hopefully make a little money on it, baking, card playing and wonderful friends that became our family. I miss those days. That was a wonderful tribute to your mother Kelli.

  11. Happy Birthday, Jo. I am very lucky to call you my friend! Hoping that you have a great day. And Kelli, I seen you around children and you will be a great mom, just like your mom.

  12. Happy birthday Jo! I hope you have a wonderful day! I begin my day by checking out your blog. I love seeing your family interactions and your projects, your kiddos, your auction and thrift shop finds-all of it! Wishing you and a happy and healthy 2019.

  13. Happy Birthday Jo! Greetings from La Crosse, Wisconsin. I hope you have a great day today. Thanks for all your posts about quilting, child care, and life in general. After my email, your blog is the first thing I read. I look forward to going back to work on Monday, because then I get to read more blog entries.
    Happy Holidays!

  14. SusanfromKentucky

    Happy Birthday Jo! Wishing you many more and hope you are spoiled rotten this weekend! Your blog is my first “to do” when I get up!

  15. Happy Birthday, Jo! Wishing you a wonderful day.
    Thanks so much for your blog. You are in the top 3 I follow almost daily.
    Happy Quilting!

  16. Happy Birthday dear Jo! You really are everything Kelli said and more! An inspiration for a joyful life of family, fun, cooking, quilting, and cleaning! Yes, even cleaning! I cleaned out a drawer yesterday and thought of you! Sending hugs!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope this is the happiest, brightest day for you-you certainly deserve it! Thank you (and Kelli) for sharing all you do with us. I NEVER skip a day of your blog-you’re my first everyday! Hugs to you today! Janine Baker

  18. Happy Birthday Jo. I love reading your blog daily. May you feel all the love from yor family, friends and blog readers that you give to many daily. Enjoy yourself lady.

  19. Golly,gee whiz! A Birthday !, celebrate . Happy Birthday Jo. Hope it’s a great day full of love. Following your blog is a real gift to myself. Love it.

  20. Dear Jo,
    Have a wonderful Birthday–wishing you a happy one with your family.
    I really enjoy reading your blog–you are an inspiration!!

  21. Happy Birthday Jo from a fellow December birthday baby. Your posts are always a bright spot in my day. Blessings to you on your special day.

  22. Happy Birthday JO! I love your blog and love getting the posts in my email. I think the thing I appreciate most is your realness. I read a post and think, yup! That’s just how life is, and that’s just how you gotta keep going on day by day.

    Thanks for being you!

  23. Happy Birthday, Jo! My day isn’t complete without catching up with you and your family. I feel like we’re friends even though you don’t know me personally!

  24. Happy Birthday, Jo!! You have a wonderful family which is such a tribute to you as a person and mother. I love your keeping-it-real blog….it’s so wonderful to read your posts about your quilting and your family life. Here’s to you!!!

  25. Here’s wishing you the best birthday ever surrounded by love of family and friends. Hugs and smiles! Thank you for letting us share a part of your life!

  26. Happy Birthday Jo. Hope you have a great day and healthy new year. I enjoy all that you blog about and keeping it real – the good and the bad. Thanks for all that you share.

  27. Happy birthday Jo! I dont comment much but I read your blog every day- it’s my favorite, both for your patterns- in fact I’m sitting on my sofa snuggled under one I made from your chocolate covered cherries pattern right now! But also for how genuine you are and how you are so giving of yourself to others even when life is trying to bring you down. You truly are an inspiration for me as a mom and as a woman. I pray for a HEALTHY, blessed year for you and your family!

  28. Happiest of Birthday’s Jo !! It’ s such fun and informative reading your blog!! Thank for all you do!! Hope 2019 is a great year for you and your wonderful family !!

  29. I hope your birthday was a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JO!! I enjoy your blog so much, and you have so many things to share that it is always interesting!! Thank You and all your FAMILY too!!

  30. Happiest of birthdays to you, Jo! I’m originally from northeast Iowa and like others, I feel like I know you and your family personally even though we’ve never met. I discovered your blog earlier this year and absolutely love it (easily my #1 blog)! I’m inspired to make scrappy quilts now because of you. May God bless you on your special day and always!

  31. Happy Birthday Jo! It is always so uplifting to read your family stories. Not many of those around these days.
    Thank you for sharing your world!

  32. Carmen Montmarquet

    Happy Birthday Jo!! Love everything you talk about, especially your adventures at the thrift shops and sharing your finds and love all your Bonnie Hunter quilts!! I don’t know how you get it all done with the child care on top of it? You are one special lady! Thank You for being you!!!

  33. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Happy Birthday, Jo!! May the coming year see your dreams coming true and dreaming bigger dreams. May you only receive good news from the doctors and your beloved family all stay healthy and happy. May you be blessed with many more grandchildren to love and cherish. May you be blessed as you bless others.

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