Happy Birthday Jo-Mama!

A post from Kelli–

Jo has been HACKED!!!!

But in the best way possible of course!  And for a wonderful reason!  Today is my Momma’s birthday!

The past few years have been a bit rough.  Mom always tells us that in order to know how great the good things are, you have to go through some of the bad spots too!  I can’t really think of a better lesson to have learned over the past few years.

As a family we’ve been challenged and we’ve celebrated and through all of the lows, mom has been there to keep us pushing forward, offering advice, and just listening to us cry or complain.  She’s also been one of the first ones to congratulate us, cheer us on, and tell us she’s proud of us for a job well done.  She’s the one that knows I’ve been having a bad week before I even realize it!  And she’s the one to make me do the things that I know I need to do, but don’t want to.  She’s always willing to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.

And in the in-between times, she’s been there to keep us going, encourage us, and have the hard talks with us.  All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better friend, business partner or mom!

I’ve seen the memes floating around Facebook before that talk about how you’d be happy if you could be half the mom your mom was to you.  Me?  I’d be thrilled if I could be a fraction of a percent of the mom that my mom is!  She is literally a saint!

So make sure to send her some birthday wishes!  She surely deserves them!

121 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jo-Mama!”

  1. Happy Birthday Jo and many more because you are such an awesome Mother , friend and blogger. I don’t post often but I read you everyday and I am always amazed at all you do very one else. You are a very special person and I pray for all the best for you and your two girls who are both having precious babies.
    Love from your friend in Canada

  2. Sally Christiansen

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jo! Although I now live in Nebraska I started following your blog as you were a fellow Iowan and I just love reading about all you do. You are an inspiration to do many. I wish a very happy year!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jo. Hope you had a good day. I enjoy your blog and don’t know how you get done all you do and even manage to blog about it all. Do you know of someone who makes soft toys and could use some batting scraps for stuffing?

  4. Kristy Wilkinson

    Happy Birthday Jo!
    What a blessing you are to so many people. You encourage us all to be more giving and kind to others. Thank you for all the work you do and all the time you take to share with us twice a day on this blog. You are very special. God has blessed me through you. Have a wonderful day- K-

  5. Happy birthday, Jo. I always enjoy reading your posts. I am one of your silent followers, but I always feel like we have had a good visit after reading your blog.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Jo! I hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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