Happy 4th

No Whatever Wednesday post for me today.  I’m celebrating the day off and sewing!!  Better news yet, I have the rest of the week off!  Best news of all…

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I live in a country that I’m happy to be in.

I’m a super patriotic gal.  My relatives long ago all picked this country.  All of them came and crossed the Atlantic on a ship that brought them to America.  All came from European countries to a land that offered more-mainly more farmland for their families.  I come from a farming tradition on both sides of my family and proud to be part of keeping the tradition, in our own way, alive.

On my mother’s side of the family I have a relative Samuel Huntington that signed the Declaration of Independence.

Growing up on the 4th was often a big cousin day.  My mom’s family would come.  We typically only saw them once or twice a year.  They are big bunch so having a get together on the 4th allowed us to mostly be outside.  I loved those days.  It was a big potluck and we always roasted wieners.  It was simple but so fun.

When the evening came around we’d finish up chores early and sit out near the water tank the cattle used and watch the fireworks being set off in town two miles away.  One year we went to watch the fireworks in Waseca.  Those were the best as they would light them off over the lake.  It was so pretty.

We didn’t have fancy red, white and blue decorated cakes…we didn’t have themed parties.  It was all really simple but very enjoyable.  I feel sad for some people who end up making it a big stressful day out of something that kids hardly remember.  I remember the cousins…not all the other stuff.

Now days our kids are grown and we stay home.  For the last couple years two families in town have lit off fireworks just a couple blocks from our house.  We sat on our back patio and enjoy them and the day off of working.  The only thing not fun…Ruby who is so bothered by the fire works.  She’ll be a panting mess.  I did get some meds for her and I’ll be giving her some.

Where ever you are…American or elsewhere…best wishes for the 4th and may someday the whole world be free.

8 thoughts on “Happy 4th”

  1. Jackie Goosen

    Happy 4th to you as well! This was my sister’s birthday…I will spend the day sewing, remembering her. A simple relaxed day…I am also starting a 10-day cleanse! WooHoo!!

  2. Doreen of Iowa

    I would be so proud if a member of my family had been a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It is a shame that what these brave men gave for this country is not taught to the students today. Many of the signers lost everything they owned, their family members were killed, land was taken from them, and their wealth was stolen. But their beliefs were so strong in what this country could be, they continued on even though they had diverse opinions. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence have made us the great country we are today. A tradition in our family is to watch the movie “1776” on Turner classic. Happy Birthday America! May your flag fly high and strong.

  3. I am patriotic too! I was researching a rumor about my family several years ago. My grandmother was donating a powder horn carried in the Civil War by a relative to a museum. Rumor was that another relative had carried it during the Revolutionary War. How exciting is that! Well, I got lucky and I DID find a relative that had fought in the Revolutionary War. He was a Hessia soldier bought by the British to fight the colonists. I wasn’t expecting that! More interesting to me was the fact that he stayed in this country and settled about 30 miles from where I now live. We thought our family was from a different part of the state and I live hundreds of miles from where I grew up. Our family lives in many states, so different from when I was a child. I also remember the cousins. It was wonderful!

  4. Happy 4th of July. Your holiday sounds very much like mine when I was growing up on a farm. We had a big potluck for lunch and then in the evening would would have a hot dog roast. All of our cousins came and it was so much fun but sadly those days are gone and everyone is doing something else on the day now but the memories are always great.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Put some pure lavender oil inside Ruby’s ears…just a little…and that should help calm her. Works for my DIL’s German Shepherds. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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