Happiest of Mother’s Day

I know the title of this post is a little odd….Mother’s Day??  This is JULY.  Why am I talking about Mother’s Day?

Well there was something that happened on Mother’s Day but I was sworn to secrecy.  I didn’t maintain that on a personal level but I did what I promised on the blog level.  On the personal level, the secret revealed itself so I didn’t completely blow that.

As for the secret I can now share, Kayla gave me this card….

Open it up…no words.  Just these safety pins glued into place.

For those of you who don’t know, Kayla’s last name is Pins.  She often makes reference to pins of all sorts…rolling pins, bobby pins, stick pins, safety pins.  So this is a reference to her.

Did you get it???  If you didn’t, here’s the secret…..
Kayla and Spencer and expecting!!!  She told us then but was only a little way along and wanted to be sure.  They had been trying for a bit and she was nervous about it all….so we didn’t tell.

But…Kayla has ended up telling others…or rather her actions have.  She has been SICK.  UGH.  I feel so bad for her.  We’re hoping now that she’s getting closer to the end of the first trimester, she’ll get past it.

When she told Kramer and I…I don’t know that I’ve seen Kramer so happy…definitely he was the most affectionate.  I’ll always remember his words and the huge hug he gave her.

Kayla was very apologetic that she thought it was all terrible timing and that our family didn’t need another thing just then.  We both told her WRONG.  We did and do still need another thing.  We need to see that life does go on and the circle of life continues filled with sadness and with JOY!!

So look for a baby announcement in January.  Kramer grandchild #6 should be arriving about then.  In the meantime, let’s hope Kayla can get feeling better.  I’m a little afraid she’s going down the same road Kelli did with Georgia.  Thankfully the baby growing process is only 9 months!!

So that’s why I am telling you about my Mother’s Day now.  I was suppose to keep it a secret and had to promise not to tell all of you until July.

50 thoughts on “Happiest of Mother’s Day”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh how exciting – Congratulations and what a cute way to reveal it to you and Kramer. So glad you both had that special moment and that you Kayla had the pleasure of Kramer’s reaction. Babies are such a blessing – may Kayla and her husband have many little Pins in their lives. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Congratulations beautiful Kayla…wonderful news…I hope you will be feeling better soon.. How exciting for you, Jo…..so fun the cousins will be close in age.

  3. Exciting news! I pray Kayla feels better soon. And it will be easy to remember because my daughter is pregnant with her third, she is also due in January, and she also gets very ill with her pregnancies. Her and her hubby and two kids are heading on a road trip Wednesday for a couple of weeks. I’ve been praying that she keeps it together and doesn’t feel too nauseous on the trip so I’ll just add Kayla to that list. I’m glad that Kramer got to know that exciting news before he passed and what a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

  4. Congratulations Kayla and Spencer. Congratulations Grandma. How exciting another little one to love.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  5. So happy for Kayla and your family. Good news is always welcome. I am currently waiting for the imminent birth of a great nephew and my first grandchild, a girl. So fun!

  6. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Congratulations to the whole Kramer Clam! Life does go on and another beautiful baby to hold is a reason to celebrate life. I am so glad that Roger knew and Kayla got to see his reaction. What a precious memory. Hope Kayla feels better soon… maybe the baby is a girl since she is so sick?Grandma, how will your lap hold all those babies? What fun you will continue to have with those little Kramer Grands!

  7. Life does go on, Jo!! Congratulations to the new little Pin! Just think, Grandpa Kramer is getting acquainted with the new little soul up in heaven now. Best Wishes on Kayla handling the morning sickness. It can be so bad. Thank you for sharing such happy news!

  8. What delightful news, especially at such a tough time. I wouldn’t have expected anything but joy from you and Kramer, but I’m so glad you reassured her of that, and that Kramer got to know about it. Wishing good health to mom and baby.

  9. Wonderful news, so glad Kramer was able to share in the joy. Hope her sickness goes away soon. The cousins will have a new playmate, how great that will be when they are all in high school. You must be so happy.

  10. Sherry Whalen

    Congratulations Kayla and Spencer – and the rest of the Kramer family! I hope you start to feel better, I understand about being sick – I was terrible at keeping my pregnancies a secret for the same reason.

  11. Congrats to Kayla and the whole family. What exciting news! And yes, you all need more good things in your life. Happy for all!

  12. Wonderful!! What happy news! I love the thought of Kramer getting to know this new little soul before you do! I hope Kayla feels better very soon. Kelli will certainly be a sympathetic shoulder for her (I am sure you ALL will be)! I know Christmas will be hard, but it will be nice to have this little joyful “thing” to anticipate! Blessings!

  13. Congratulations!!!! What a clever announcement card that was. What a lucky family that they will have their own Guardian Angel watching over them. I hope for Kayla that the morning sickness passes quickly. When my daughter had the twins, she had it all through her pregnancy, but it was not debilitating, and she could enjoy life for the most part. She did get a nice prize at the end tho! Blessings & prayers to your whole family as always, Janine

  14. Congratulations to Kayla & Spencer! and the whole Kramer clan, its happy news indeed. Their announcement card is a keeper for sure, a nice addition to a baby book if they are keeping one. I think the circle of life continues and I bet Kramer was happy to hear it with his days being so short here on earth.

  15. Aww! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! Time for a happy dance!!!
    Prayers that the sickness subsides and all goes well with this little one.

  16. Congratulations to the Pins! Cute announcement and what better way to bring joy! How very special that Grandpa could share in the news. Praying that the sickness will end soon for Kayla. Sounded rough for Kelli. Thanks for sharing the good news, Jo. May God give you strength for this day.

  17. How very exciting! I’m glad Kramer got to hear about it. What a clever way to deliver the news. Kayla, hope you start feeling better and can enjoy the pregnancy process.

    Love to all.

  18. Wonderful news! Super, clever, adorable announcement!! Feel better SOON, Kayla! Very happy for ALL the PINS & KRAMER’S

  19. Jo, your Mothers Day announcement is so sweet and I am happy for the whole family. My youngest of nine great grandchildren is a January baby girl. I will be waiting for for your new grand baby

  20. Congratulations!!! What exciting news for your family!!! Hopefully Kayla will get over the morning sickness soon!!!

  21. Congrats. So happy for you all, but especially Kayla, as I know she had been wanting this for some time.

  22. Well, isn’t that just like life? Sadness and happiness bumping right up next to each other? Such a sweet reminder that life’s joys are pretty darned resilient. So glad Kayla got to share this with her dad. Thanks for sharing it with all of us now. xxx

  23. How great for the whole Kramer clan. I’m sure Kayla & Spencer are so excited, even with the being sick part. I’m sure it meant a lot to Kramer to hear about a new little one on the way. That little one will never know his/her Grandpa Kramer, but all of you can tell him/her all about him.

  24. This is wonderful news! I’m sorry she isn’t feeling too good, I can definitely commiserate with her as I’m just a few weeks ahead of her( due early December). My doctor put me on something called diclegis, which is basically vitamin b6 and unisom and it works really well to help with nausea and vomiting. On the plus side for her, every miscarriage I’ve had( I’ve had 4), I’ve had no nausea or vomiting, and with all three of my kids ( plus this one I’m currently pregnant with), I’ve been super sick, so chances are real good her baby is healthy and growing as he/she should. Many prayers for her and Spencer and your family. You definitely deserve this ray of sunshine in your lives.

  25. Judith Fairchild

    Congratulations on keeping the secret. Kayla really did a cool announcement. When I saw the open card and pins it took a minute to realize what it was about. She chose such a good way to tell the good news. Tell her I like the pins pun.

  26. Congratulations to the family. What a cute announcement. What a nice ray of sunshine. Hugs to everyone.

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