Happenings in the Garage

If you remember back when we first started inquiring about our house, we loved the woodwork.

These are pictures from when we first bought the house.  This is the arch from between the the dining room and the room we call the office.


To the right of the columns was a built in.


We wanted to keep the built in.  We liked and and like the idea of keeping the house as much like the original as possible.  The problem was that when we took the part of the house off, the built in was part of what had to be removed.  In light of this when the carpenter’s put on the addition, we asked that a spot be kept so the built in could be put back into the dining room.

Sadly, as of today, it looks like this….Yep that is a changing table stuck in there.  No beautiful built in.


Hubby has been working on changing that though.  He pulled all the pieces and started sanding them in hopes of getting it all refinished and back in place.


The house, even though we live here, is not finished.  We don’t really mind or care.  It’s home as it is and happily all the things left to do Hubby can, for the most part, do himself.  All of the trim has to be redone, patched in or fixed.

For instance…this wall did look like this…


Now the door trim is missing and the window is completely gone.  The trim all needs to be refinished.

Hubby has it all stacked up and is working on it.


Here’s his little home away from home…the garage work area.


He’s been doing lots of sanding.  Here he is cleaning off the yucky build up on the sand paper sheets.  He simply takes a wire brush, lays in on the running sander and the paper cleans off.  Since he discovered this, he has gone through MUCH less sand paper.


Here’s a before on the right and after on the left.

It will likely take another month before he’s got everything ready to go.  I’m trying to encourage him to hire one of my childcare Dads to help put up the trim…I think he will with a little bit more convincing.

I still love the woodwork in this house.  I don’t know what it is about wood but I love it’s rich beauty.  I am so blessed to be with a Hubby who has the same love of woodwork.

5 thoughts on “Happenings in the Garage”

  1. I really loved the woodwork in your house too. It’s so cool that Roger can work on it and you’ll have it in the house again some day. A labor of love! Love the house updates!

  2. I so love your house! And you are so lucky to have a great handy husband! Mom says that’s why I haven’t found my SO. No one can match the handiness of my dad.

  3. Beautiful woodwork. So many times, in the old houses, the woodwork is painted over in white. Makes me want to cry, seeing it. I remember stripping and scraping and gouging an old oak mantle. What a shame to paint something like that. Likewise, the oak banisters and chestnut stair risers. I always got those kind of fiddly jobs because I’m short , I guess. sigh.

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