Happening at the Kramer’s

I had a busy weekend…between some sewing in the sewing room which I told you about in Monday’s blog post and all I’m going to tell you about in this blog post we were hopping.

First off…Rosie graduated from Dog Obedience training class #1.  That was Thursday night.

Rosie is doing fabulous.  This was so good for her.  I am on the waiting list for the next set of classes.

Kalissa and I went to the Amish on Friday morning to get peaches.  They get a shipment each year and we always order them by the case.  They are SO GOOD.  The cost for a case is only $35.

They are fabulous this year.  Nothing beats fresh peaches.  This year they are getting in three shipments.  Kalissa and I both order a case from the first shipment and one from the last.  We eat them like crazy and then make some pies or treats and then…we freeze the rest.

We did a little other shopping in the Amish community.  I discovered I love these…

They were only 25 cents at the Amish grocery store.  I didn’t know if they would be too spicy but they aren’t and I love them.

I spent much of the rest of Friday trying to get ahead on writing blog posts.  I will be gone at the end of the month for a quilting retreat so I was trying to write some blog posts for posts that don’t have a time stamp to them…things like book reviews to fill in the posts.  I know you all will be sad if I didn’t write anything at all for those days.  I might miss a post or two but I’m going to try really hard to fill the slots if I can.

Saturday I was contemplating running to town.  I really didn’t need anything but Kelli asked me to stop at the jewelry store and pick up her wedding rings that she had cleaned.  They aren’t open when Kelli comes this way.  It’s something I could easily do to be helpful.  Then Kayla called and was wondering if I was up for company.  I said SURE!!

Kayla, Jasper, and I all decided to go thrifting.  I ended up finding this table and chairs at the thrift store for only $60.  The top needs an updo but other than that, it’s pretty nice.

Kayla ended up staying overnight.  I was going to have Kalissa and Kelli’s kids for childcare on Sunday.  If she stayed, Jasper could have a little cousin time.

Sunday rolled around and here’s Emmett.  Kayla and I both commented that now the little boys can run.  Watch out world!!

In the craziness of it, Kayla used up some milk of mine that was going out of date by making yogurt.

Jasper was into playing doctor.  It’s so cute watching kids mimic what they experience at the doctor.

Too soon they headed home so it was me and these guys plus Eli.  No one except Gannon would look at the camera.

…and Rosie.  I know I say it all the time but oh, my.  I love the inground fencing.  If you are thinking about it but not sure…do it!  You won’t regret it.  I sure don’t.

Carver is big enough now to help move the babies around by carrying them like this.  Eli isn’t very happy about Carver’s newfound ability.

I finally got Georgie to look at the camera.  Look…it’s a unicorn outfit.  I wasn’t teasing when I said everything with her is horses or unicorns.

These two are such a handful…actually two hands full.  They are everywhere and fast too.  I don’t want to wish time away but I am eagerly waiting for next year so these two have a little better idea of how to be safe.

It was a super long day.  I woke up with Kayla and Jasper here…Kelli picked up her kiddos at  6 pm and Craig didn’t come until 8 pm.  It was a long day with the kids but so fun too.

It was an awesome few days.  I spent time with Rosie, and the family and got some blog work in too….all good things.

7 thoughts on “Happening at the Kramer’s”

  1. What a Blessing your family is. Love that Rosie is doing so well. She’s eager to please you. Our dog Nikki graduated top in her class after being such an unruly pup( tore up the flooring in a hotel room). There is hope… lol. Enjoy your time off at your retreat sounds wonderful…

  2. You have such good times with the grands. They must wear you out, but so fun for you to be close and keep the contact with them.. They all are darling little kiddos and those twins are double trouble!!

  3. Oh happy day! I had to click to at least read if this was Rosie or if a playmate had arrived! Congratulations to all of you the fence makes everything so much easier and safer. Now if those babies weren’t so ambitious! I know it does seem like we are wishing our lives away but babies do make us move! Oh and Jo I did two small quilts!!!! The learning curve is very steep but I think I like it!

  4. When I have too many fresh peaches I peel and slice them. Then mix with tapioca, sugar and Fruit Fresh. I line a foil pie pan with aluminum foil and add the peach filling. The filling freezes into the shape of the pie pan. In the winter I make a pie crust, put in the frozen peach filling and bake.
    We used to pick Elberta peaches for five cents a pound!

  5. Maybe instead of full blog posts you could just post a few captioned pics while you’re at the retreat. Or maybe that would be more difficult? IDK, but I can see that keeping a blog is a lot of work. Love the fun pics with this post! Blessings

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