Hangout Day at Mom’s

Thursday was a hangout day at my house.

Kelli and I are still working on edits for the book.  We have the first proof of the book and are going through it all yet again.  So far, we love it.  Sarah the gal that has put all the patterns and pictures together is awesome!  She’s doing a wonderful job and we couldn’t be more impressed with her work.

We are finding a few things that we’re changing but for the most part, our editor said it’s “pretty clean”.  We are still on schedule for February release.  Watch for it, “Country Girl Modern”.

While we were discussing and highlighting things, Karl was at the kitchen table with us knitting.  Yep, Karl tried knitting before and he’s back to it again.  He’s working on a dishcloth and for his first time out, it’s looking really good.

Kalissa was home too.

She was talking wedding planning, save the dates, and invites.


All of this was happening at the kitchen table.  We’re kitchen people.  We don’t hang out in the living room at all.  Most everything that happens in our house happens in the kitchen…and I love that.  I can say that at the new house, the kitchen is much bigger and with our growing family, that’s a good thing.

I love hang out days at my house….

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