Hanging with the Hankens: Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

My daughter Kelli’s little guy Emmett has been on a none eating kick. All kids do it and it’s just Emmett’s turn. Kelli was trying to think of something to get him out of his kick. She had tried all of his favorites and nothing worked. I finally told her to just quit catering to him and don’t give him snacks. He’ll eat when he eats.

Kelli took my advice and the stinker held out a couple more meals until he tried these…Ham and Cheese Pinwheels.

They weren’t hard to make…Refrigerator Crescent Rolls are the trick that makes them easy to make. Kelli said they taste a little like sliders.

To make clean up easy Kelli used the silicone mat I got her for her birthday to roll these out on. I just love my mat. It makes cleaning up in the kitchen so much easier. You can find them HERE on Amazon. I used mine anytime I have any kind of dough on the counter in the kitchen. It’s so handy. I also use it if we’re doing something that is a little messy like making tamales too. It makes clean up so much easier.

Here is how the looked before they went into the oven…

Emmett reportedly ate all he was given and even wanted more. If you’re looking for an easy Ham and Cheese meal that the kiddos or grandkids would like, Kelli thinks this is perfect recipe. It looks like you did a lot of work but bought crescent rolls from the refrigerator section make them super easy. You can find the recipe HERE.

The original recipe called for poppy seeds to be sprinkled over the top. Kelli didn’t have any but they do make them look a little more fancy.

All we know is Emmett like them and they brought him out of his non eating slump.

7 thoughts on “Hanging with the Hankens: Ham and Cheese Pinwheels”

  1. Seems like all kids will do the one meal our of three for a while. No junk food does help too. They all seem to survive the slump .
    Happy Easter!

  2. My goodness. On that picture of Emmett he sure looks like Carver. Glad she found him something he would eat. Have a great holiday weekend. pam

  3. You know I took my son to the pediatrician when was probably a year older and he walked in the room and asked what he could help with today and I told him that my son wasn’t eating. He promptly told me “he’s not hungry. Then explained that when they are not on a growth spurt they don’t eat much, but get ready once he is on a growth spurt he will eat like crazy.

  4. it is so interesting how ignoring the non eating creates an appetite in our children. wish I knew the psychology behind the dilemma.

  5. Emmett is such as cutie as is his sister and brother! You gave Kelli the right advice! It seems now days so many kids are catered to by only giving the foods they like. I have a grand nephew that is the case. Oh and the roll-ups look yummy!

  6. Marlene Clausen

    The perfect response to non-eating when the possibility of illness is eliminated is to ignore it. I never could see the sense in catering to a child who didn’t want to eat. I also can’t see withholding snacks IF they are small, healthy, and are a regular part of daily eating. If a kid is not sick, they will eat when they are hungry.

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