Hanging with Kelli

This happened last week before out week turned chaotic:

Kelli came to my house with Georgia last week.  It was a Sunday and she was planning to stay overnight so she could watch the childcare kids on Monday so I could take Kramer to Lacrosse to the doctor.

Kelli brought her embroidery floss with.  Previous to this, Kelli had no way of sorting her thread…NONE.  See the tote of thread.  There was no rhyme or reason to it.

In the process we found ourselves laughing and laughing every time we found a black 310 DMC floss.  I bought a batch of thread a month or so ago at the thrift store and there ended up being several skeins of black in the mix.  I ended up having seven skeins.  Kelli and I made a challenge to see if she would end up with more black thread than I had and….she DID!  She had 16 skeins!!

We organized everything into Floss a Way bags.  I use a similar bag that I like better.  THESE.  I use 3″ Binder rings with the bags.  The Floss a Way bags use one ring and my bags use two.  I personally like the two better.

After that we did some coffee tea dying of cross stitch fabric.  Here Kelli is laying it out on towels on the floor.  We don’t like the darker crinkles that some like in the fabric so rather than baking it in the oven to dry, we lay it out on towels.

Kelli layed out a towel…then the fabric.  Then she put a towel on the fabric and more fabric on the towel.

After she was all done and everyone else went to bed, I told her to unstack the towels and lay them out on the dining room floor.  She did and uncovered this…..

AHHH.  She had dyed a red piece.  It bled through the towel onto the fabric below leaving this….
UGH…and here is Kelli showing off the culprit red piece.

She was a little ticked but okay.  She had dyed a piece of aida cloth and that’s the one that got stained.  She typically doesn’t use aida but had dyed it just in case she might want to use aida or share it with a beginner stitcher.  So it wasn’t a great loss and was a good learning experience.

Kelli and I had a much needed mom and daughter and granddaughter day.  I hope there are many more in the future before she’s off maternity leave.

6 thoughts on “Hanging with Kelli”

  1. You can rinse and wash the spotted piece, the stain may come out. You could also try a soak in bleach as aida is 100% cotton. Or just cut off the stained portions.

  2. So glad you had a good day with Kelli and Georgia before things went downhill. I love spending time with my daughters. Keeping your family in thoughts and prayers.

  3. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Call me crazy but I’d take some of that 310 and do sketchy line work in at least three threads and take some greens for leaves, and pinks to enhance the stained areas , and yellows to do some french knots and create a cherry blossom picture

  4. Apparently you can take the stained piece and put it in the washer with color catchers and the red “might” come out onto the color catcher. It may be worth a try.

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