Hanging with Karl

You might remember that Karl and I were making a bit of a bucket list for the summer.  Good news, we did one more thing on the list.  Bad news…summer is slipping away and many things are going to be left undone.  I think originally Karl hoped to do one or two things a week.  That didn’t happen as reality and the work of keeping a home up slipped into place.

We took a break from it all one night after work and headed to Decorah Iowa.  It’s about a half hour from our house and is where we do much of our shopping.

Karl hadn’t heard that there was a food truck in town so was excited when I told him that I was picking the place for supper.  Julie from Patchabilities, who lives in the neighboring town, had it on her Facebook page so I wanted to try it out too.

I heard the food was suppose to be pretty authentic Mexican.  That sounded good to me.

Karl and I found a picnic area to eat and gave the food a try.  We’d definitely go again but there’s one problem.  They’ve cut their hours now to fall hours and that means only over the noon hour.  Bummer.

From there it was Karl’s turn to pick the fun.  He picked hiking.  Oh my.  This momma isn’t used to hiking but I did okay considering…

Here’s where we went.  It’s called Will Baker Park.  Now this didn’t look bad.

It got steeper.

…and still steeper.  I’ll admit, I was a little winded by the time I got to the top of this set of steps.

But at the top was a treat…check this out….

When you look at this picture a person doesn’t realize that we are actually pretty high up.

Whoever built this did an amazing job!!
There were cliffs like this which meant they were there to climb and also to fall from.  It was safe..but remember I’m not a gal that loves heights.

If you’re a Decorah area person you often hear of Pulpit Rock….this is it.  There are streets and a brewery named after the rock.

The rocks gave way to trees…and then to prairie.  It was a lovely walk.

I was sure that these old bones would be pretty sore the next day or that my legs would be hurting but they weren’t.  I think all the walking I’ve been doing all summer has been really helpful.

It was a great evening with Karl.  It was only about a two hour time away but that was enough to feed the soul.

I’m hoping to hit another pathway before the colder weather sets in…Karl and I are not setting the world on fire with our bucket list, but we’re having some fun in the meantime.

13 thoughts on “Hanging with Karl”

  1. What a wonderful outing and who doesn’t like food trucks! I must admit those steps looked fairly steep and I believe I saw a braid design in those rock walls, lol. Glad you and Karl had a fun time out and can mark it off your bucket list. Soon the fall colors will be upon Iowa and the hiking will turn glorious colors.

  2. I think one of the points of a bucket list is to enjoy the experience more than dashing from one checked item to the next. Looks like you and Karl have got that part down.

  3. Great way to enjoy time with your son. Wonderful trip — will consider going there. Thank You for sharing always. Prayers and Hugs to you

  4. I just have to say, what a beautiful park. I love those cliffs and the stonework. Love, love ,love!!! I would go to Iowa just to see that place lol. Thanks for the tour.

  5. I too have been to those places and they are places my kids want to bring the grandkids to when they come home. Great job on the steps there – I have done them but chose not to this summer as my knee was hurting. So fun to go there with my grandchildren. Glad you had a nice outing.

  6. So glad you enjoyed my home town! I don’t live there anymore, but visit when I can. I suspect the climb up got you to Phelps Park. The structures (bridges, paths, pavilions) were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during depression era. The CCC was unemployed men who needed work. The effort put into these paths is just amazing.

    Lot’s to do and see in Decorah. I went back as a tourist with some friends last year and we had a great time visiting Dunning Spring, the bicycle tour lop called Trout Run, the trout hatchery, palisades, Porter House museum and many more attractions. I recommend it for a day trip any time!!

  7. Sounds like a fun outing! I wish I had gotten more walking done this summer, but with grandbabies (toddlers) and a garden, wow, my energy fades about 5p.

    I used to ride a bike and the first ride of the spring was tortuous! But I remember being amazed at how quickly my legs grew stronger! Aren’t our bodies amazing!?!

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