Hanging with Kalissa

I told you earlier today that I had a busy last week.  Not much sewing was done but I did spend a lot of time with Kalissa.

I told you earlier that she was planning on picking up a second job and that the job was to be a LuLaroe consultant.  When I mentioned this before someone wrote in the comments that she preferred not getting an infomercial.  Heads up to that person and anyone else reading…I write about what I am doing and what my family is doing all the time.  This is simply another thing that is happening in our lives.  Someone else once wrote that we are a nuclear family.  We are.  When one tries something, we all pitch in to help make it a success.

So last week was my turn to pitch in.  Kalissa got her inventory in.  There was a lot.  All of it had to counted and compared to the invoices.  All of it had to be checked for flaws or defects.  About the time that all the pieces came, Carver got sick.  Carver comes first so she ended up having a tough time getting things going.  She had already booked an on line sale date of Sunday so she knew on her own, she’d never make it.  Kelli ended going to Kalissa’s on Wednesday and I went after childcare on Wednesday for a few hours.

This is what she put together for a lighting studio.  All the items had to be photographed.  Let me tell you, dressing a manikin in XS shirts while with static cling is abound is not as easy as it sounds.  Kalissa doesn’t have a big house so all of this is in her basement.


For some of things, outfits were put together…all needed accessories.  We’ve happily picked some up from various thrift stores.


After all the pictures are taken Kalissa spends a lot of time editing and loading the pictures.

On the main floor they have a spare room that they have turned into what they call the “LuLa” room.  Check it out….Craig was super helpful and built the clothing racks.



Kayla ended up helping Kalissa Saturday evening…I did too.  Then on Sunday Kelli and I helped in the afternoon.  I don’t know how it happened but by Sunday late afternoon everything was ready and loading for the sale.  The whole house was full of anticipation.  It was hard for Kalissa.  She’s spent a lot of money investing in the clothes with the hope that someone will want to buy them.

Sunday night Kelli and Kalissa were close to the computer answering questions from customers….trying to find things that would match.

The happy news…her sale went well.  She still has things posted.  You can see the items here if you’re interested….You will have to request to join her page.  Once you do that you can go to photos and then albums.  That’s where the goodies are.

I was so impressed with how Kalissa did.  It was so much work.  Right up to the wire I wondered and worried about how it would go for her.  She passed with flying colors.

We’re a unique family.  We aren’t content doing just one thing.  Nursing is wonderful and Kalissa loves it.  She likes helping people feel good whether that be through clothing and LuLaroe or through nursing.  For a 21 year old she’s really trying to set the world on fire.  Watch out LuLaroe world…here she comes!!

20 thoughts on “Hanging with Kalissa”

  1. Well, I love reading about whatever you and your clan are doing! Maybe some people need to be more tactful and less negative!! Your blog, your content!

  2. If folks don’t like what you right about rather than posting negative comments they should just read another blog! I love your posta about family, dogs, kids and, thrifting, quilting or whatever is going on in your life. If not I wouldn’t read it. Simple solution!

  3. I thought they only had leggings!!! see what I know. I enjoy your sharing. Good luck with her endeavors…a very enterprising young woman.

  4. I think I’m just the wrong age and wrong shape for leggings, but my DIL is crazy about LulaRoe and so is my 3-yr. old granddaughter….hardly ever see her in anything else. :) We have a brand-new LulaRoe mother & daughter team of LulaRoe consultants here in our itty bitty town that just got started after Christmas. They are located in the mother’s beauty shop where there used to be a scrapbooking store in half of it. I haven’t been in yet to see what they actually might have.

  5. I thought you guys did a GREAT job Sunday night! I didn’t purchase anything this time but am waiting for her to get Perfect T’s in. Looking forward to her next sale.

  6. Bety from Canada

    To the person who didn’t want an infommercial-answer this-how are people supposed to get information on things if nobody posts things on the computer? I am jealous that I am not closer and the postage wasn’t so high or I would like to see what you have to offer. So lady suck it up-don’t read the posts if you don’t like the first few words.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me when people feel they have to tell you what they don’t want YOU to write about on YOUR blog!!! I can tell others feel the same as I….enjoy your blog, keep pn being you.

  8. I’m probably a bit older than most of your readers but we used to go to LeVoy’s parties at friends homes- had great fun and got cool items. I’ve heard of this company. Fun to be had and good socializing opportunities. A great thing also.

  9. Yesterday I enjoyed reading & seeing video of you girls working together to help Kalissa. Such happy thoughts of that the rest of my evening! Thanks for sharing Jo!!

  10. The crack about “not wanting an infomercial”,,,,OMG…you write about who you are and what you do. That’s one of the reasons we read your blog. Keep on keepin’ on! It’s nice to hear about what’s going on in your world.

  11. I love to read about your family, quilts, etc.! I will draw the line about politics!!!! So many blogs were posting about politics before the election! I don’t care which party you are on or even if we agree! I just don’t want to read about politics! There is already too much coverage! Thanks Jo for not posting about it!!!!!

  12. I agree with a lot of others who have commented: your blog, your topics. Unfortunately, some people are selfish enough to expect others to change for them. I may not relate to every topic you write about, but I do enjoy reading your blog and the feelings of love I get from it. Keep on being you. :)

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