Hanging in Lacrosse

Tuesday and Wednesday are doctor days for us.  Hubby is likely starting his procedure as you are reading this…I’m in the waiting room, hanging out and cross stitching.

Again the weather is not the best.  We left Monday after I was done with childcare to try to beat the storm.  We did.  We were here in our hotel for about an hour before the storm hit in Lacrosse.  Thankfully no driving in any snow.  10″ fell and it was a mess both at home and here in Lacrosse.  We spent the late afternoon on Tuesday watching people shovel their cars out of the mess.

The early afternoon was filled with appointments…First blood work, then x-rays.  After that we were off to talk finances and insurance.   While on the third floor I saw this display.

I am not a knitter but I sure do love looking at it.  What a bunch of talented knitters.

Next we were on to the pre-op physical.  The doctor and the nurse were AWESOME.  We asked lots and lots of questions.  They were so good with us.  I can’t say enough good things about our nurse Kim.  Boy, a good nurse can really, really make a difference.

Today Hubby’s procedure is a little more in depth.  They are doing a biopsy on the lymph nodes along his trachea.  If all goes well, we’ll be heading back home early evening.  If these come back clear, then surgery for the 19th.  it sounds like he’ll be in the hospital for about five days….then off work for 5 weeks.

All of the family are trying to make plans for next week…but everything is on hold.  We have to wait for the results of this biopsy.  I think that’s one of the hardest things about all of this.

While I wait, I’m stitching on this.

Here I am in the hotel stitching…
The rest of the stitching will be done in the waiting room.  I do a good job to keep myself busy.

A huge shout out to Kelli for manning the fort at home and taking care of the childcare kiddos.  She’s doing a great job.  She said the kids are being good for her too.

I’ll keep you posted.  When I know more, I’ll let you known.

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  1. Thought about you both yesterday and will keep you all in my prayers again today. God Bless, your nurse Kim and the other nurses and doctors, as they take care of Roger and answer all of your questions. Hugs.

  2. Thinking of you and Kramer. Being a retired nurse, I’m so glad when I hear good nurse stories………a good nurse really can make a big difference. Oh no on the snow!!! We seem to be having endless snow days here in Nebraska too, but no 10″ dumps. Hang in there!!

  3. Thanks for keeping us all updated as I know a lot of us are thinking of you and Roger. We appreciate it. Fingers crossed that everything goes well and surgery will go ahead on the 19th. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Prayers being sent. It’s hard to wait and worry. But how many times are we told not to because God has it….such a hard lesson to follow! Glad you beat the storm. No school here yesterday and two hours late today…quite the Iowa winter! You are doing exactly what I do when I’m going to wait! My choices are sewing postage stamp blocks together, knitting or embroidery….got to have a variety!!! Take care and happy stitching!

  5. Prayers for good news!! We were headed home from LaCrosse on Monday night and we dodged the snow until Waukon and then it hit like a bomb!! We were so thankful that we didn’t have to drive the whole way in that!! My husbands surgery went well and am thankful for that! Take care, Deb

  6. Keeping all good thoughts for positive results of the biopsy. I know the waiting part is hard, but at least you have your needlework to keep you busy. Prayers for all those taking care of your hubby, too. Keep all those positive thoughts flowing. Hugs!

  7. I’m so impressed that you can not only keep this blog going but deal with all the weather problems, logistics of work and family and still keep such an upbeat attitude. Sending positive thoughts to you, your hubby and whole family. Keep the faith! (All of us out here in Blogland are pulling for you!)

  8. Looking at the photo with the cars covered in snow makes me thankful that my husband puts small snow shovels in our cars for the winter. I haven’t had to use it yet but one never knows! Good to hear things seem to be working out and yes, having a great nurse makes such a difference! Continued prayers!!

  9. Prayers and best of thoughts for you and hubby! Thank you for keeping all your blog followers informed. Having recently spent hours knitting in a waiting room myself, I’m glad you have your stitching to keep you company! Keep smiling….we’re all with you in spirit.

  10. Thanks for the updates on Kramer! I have you guys in my prayers and continue to do so! I love the head lamp that you are using to do your handwork! I’m going to get one of those!

  11. More positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Glad that you beat the storm. Thanks for updating your blog followers.

  12. Thank you for the update. I have heard from cancer survivors that one thing the survivor learns is that he no longer suffers fools! Life’s too short for that kind of stuff, so watch out, Roger is coming!
    two of the many silver linings are those two babies coming up. All those grandchildren will be so much joy to you two during this ordeal.
    So, Jo, you have all your crafts, etc, to keep you busy but what’s Roger going to do for 5 weeks recovery time? Roger, Real Men (even Real Farmers) can enjoy doing handwork. Seriously, try it, Roger, it’s soothing creative and fun. Take a walk on the wild side!

  13. Continued prayers for you and Roger. You’re right – waiting is no fun and if Roger is anything like my hubby, it’s not easy for them either. So glad you have the support of family and friends as you navigate these waters.

  14. Hilarious! When I first skimmed your post I thought ROGER was in the waiting room doing his cross stitch! I did a double take! If he doesn’t have anything to occupy him it might be a good time to start him on hand work of some sort…you never know, the two of you could have another hobby in common! :) Saying my prayers. This is a difficult time.

  15. Our thoughts and prayers are going out to you and Roger. Call if you would like to see inside for possible housing for surgery week. So much for you to think about and make plans for-good thing you are good at having things ready to help pass the waiting time.
    Safe travels-I have to say the snowy scenery is magnificent but oh so hard on machines and people!

  16. Paulette J Bergman

    Prayers and loving, warm thoughts being sent to all who are involved with Roger & you in this difficult time. pj stitches!

  17. We are also waiting biopsy results and yes the waiting goes forever. ;( Good luck to your hubby and you. Keep stitching.

  18. I do remember that day that we waited for the node biopsy. I think the best news was the results that it was negative. I think that was the day that we first cried. I wish you the same results. Being from Wisconsin I can appreciate all the snow out the window because it came right from there to us. Thinking of you and saying prayers. I also have a daughter that is a nurse. We were fortunate that she works in the oncology department at the hospital.

  19. As a member of the Three Rivers Knitting Guild in La Crosse, I would like to thank you for mentioning our display. We had a great time setting it up and even more fun knitting the items. I hope all goes well for you and your husband.

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