I’ve been doing some things (very slowly) in my upstairs bathroom.  I found some pictures at the thrift store that I loved.  My pictures are terrible.  The pictures are actually really great.

Here’s a close up of one of them.  Each has a dried flower and then the flower description written.  They were at the thrift store but were brand new with tags still on them.  I paid $3 each.

Then my childcare mom who is an artist did my “K” for me in dried flowers.  This looks so awesome in person.  She does a great job on these.  She does these with choice of background color and choice of flowers or leaves to make the letter.  (If anyone wants her contact info, email me and I’ll hook you up).

I kind of have a floral these going on and am really happy with that.  The thing I need now is a new shower curtain.  When I figure out what I want, I need two as we have a claw foot tub.  I was looking on line and had thought I’d like something lace.  Then Kalissa saw this and was sure I needed it.  What do you think?
Image result for handkerchief shower curtain

It’s a shower curtain made of handkerchiefs.  I do like it but I’m not sure if it’s too much floral.  I’ve forever loved handkerchiefs.  I vividly remember ironing them for my mom.  That was always my job and I loved it.

Here’s another…I went on Pinterest and there are even more.

vintage handkerchiefs repurposed into a shower curtain

All of this got me wondering if I could even collect enough handkerchiefs.  I went on ebay and checked it out.  Could I find some?

YES…I could there are LOTS but they are expensive.  There was a lot of 21..these are all teal based.  As I write this, the bid is at $26.  UGH.  I really like them and I’ve come to find teal is really growing on me.

After investigating, handkerchiefs are going for between $2 and $5 each.  A nice lot like this will likely for closer to the $4 each price.

I would need more than this to make two shower curtains.  I’m sure some I can’t use due to sizing as there is no standard size for handkerchiefs. I have to have the handkerchiefs more of a similar size in order to make the curtain.   Hmmm.  The I’m wondering if I am REALLY sure this is what I want for a shower curtain.  Usually I don’t do things too girly and floral but for the most part, I’m the only one uses the bathroom so why not give it more of a feminine touch.

So what do you all think?  Do you like the handkerchief shower curtain look?  Does anyone have a more reasonable resource for handkerchiefs?  The next time I go to the Amish south of us I’m going to look.  I know they sell new ones there all the time.  I’m sure they are $4 each!!

Opinions please….

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  1. Check thrift stores, estate sales. I usually see them for .25-1.00. We have a store called empty the nest which specializes in home clean out! They have a store open sat, sun and monday.

  2. Here is another idea: do a row of handkerchiefs at the top (or bottom) and use a different fabric for the remainder of the shower curtain. It would not take as many handkerchiefs and keep it from becoming overwhelming, if that is your concern.

  3. I agree with Pat’s comment. Doing all handkerchiefs would likely be too girly for your husband, so her idea could work.

  4. Personally, I think all handkerchiefs is too busy. One or two borders sounds good. Plus, you’d have an easier time finding some that are similar.

  5. Sandra Kahler

    You could make one shower using bandanas. They come in all colors so one manly and one girly.

  6. I like the idea of using handkerchiefs. I am always on the look out for pretty ones! I would make sure to put your favorite at eye-level so you can enjoy it every time you use the tub!

    My Mama collected vintage/antique hankies with the initial of each granddaughter’s first name and set them aside for their wedding day. It was such a sweet and and heartwarming way to remember their Gramma’s love, knowing she was watching from heaven.

    She also made several beautiful pillow covers by combining the delicately printed hankies and antique laces.

  7. I like the idea of top/bottom borders. Would a plain shower curtain work for one side? Half the problem solved that way.

  8. I like Pat’s idea. But if you want the whole thing handkerchiefs then I like the one that is more neutral or all colors and no dominant color. Love the pictures!

  9. I think with regular following of ebay sales you would be able to get many for less than $4. The auction might end at a weird time or the seller’s photos not great, etc.

  10. Sherry Whalen

    Could you do a lace shower curtain, with a handkerchief valance? That would combine both ideas and perhaps wouldn’t be quite so ‘busy’. Maybe in clipped or attached to the shower curtain rings in triangles? Can’t wait to see what you decide to do – whatever it is it will look great!

  11. That’s a little busy for me. What about a fairly plain fabric for the curtain and then a “valence” of handkerchiefs at the top. They’ll stay cleaner near the top, they’re where people will notice them and it will be cheaper and a little less busy.

  12. I’m not a real girly-girl and wouldn’t be able to look at the first kerchief curtain every day. The lighter version is much better but still not too appealing. I like Sharon’s idea of possibly making a handkerchief valance and lace bottom. Remember you have to look at this everyday which means it should make you smile each time you see it.

  13. I like the ideas suggested here. If you had a solid shower curtain you could “applique” a row or two on the front at the bottom or use the handkerchiefs as a border with a solid center or use them in the center with the solid around the edges. I know how you love making decisions, good luck with this one! So many choices! Please let us know what you do!

  14. Your very talented. Looks great. I use old handkerchiefs for quilt labels on the back of quilts but I love your use for them also.

  15. Janine Baker

    Nice idea for using the hankies. Maybe you could make it like a patchwork quilt and sprinkle them throughout with blocks of pastel colored eyelet? Whatever you choose, I think it’s great! I like all the pictures of the flowers too!

  16. Susan from Kentucky

    I was thinking the same thing as Janine-a patchwork with sprinkles of them. What other kind of shower curtain would “a quilter” want?

  17. Your pictures are amazing–what a find….love the initial out of flowers—-what a great idea…..I think the shower curtain is fabulous….I love it out of all hankies….the ones you are showing are pretty neutral…..I have never seen this….I wish I had a tub like yours…and with that new medicine cab what a room you will have…..

  18. The hankies are cute and what a great use for them. I bet if you put out a call your blog followers would start sending you a hankie or two that they have tucked away in a closet never to be used! Also at one time one of the fabric companies (I’m guessing Moda)had a line that looked like handkerchiefs.

  19. Your new pictures are so pretty and I like the grouping. I googled “pressed flower shower curtain” and there were a couple very pretty ones. I have had the same Laura Ashley shower curtain for a long time. I still love the fabric and it’s easy to change the liner.

  20. Rhonda Russell

    I like the handkerchief shower curtain without the bold colors. I just checked out shopgoodwill.com and they have 3 lots under hankerchiefs and 3 lots under handkerchiefs. If you’re not in a hurry, you may be able to catch a good deal there.

  21. I like what you have done so far but you might be a little like me….you have to know when to stop..ha. I would nix the busy shower curtains even though they follow the theme and go somewhere cream or solid color to not detract from the pretty framed things.
    BTW I am a retired teacher and back in the day (70s and on) I was given a lot of those beautiful handkerchief(s) as presents from students and kept them for a long long time and somehow they got away. Wish I knew what happened to them. I had quite a few. That and Evening in Paris…..perfume….from Woolworths ha.

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