Hand Pieced Hexagons…an adventure in the making

Well I finally caved to the pressure.  I am beginning the epic journey of hand piecing a quilt.  I finally gave in when I saw this quilt  (you will need to scroll to the bottom of the post) from Simply Libby’s blog.  It is gorgeous!! I always wanted to make a traditional Grandma’s Garden quilt but this quilt was even more stunning to me.

Here is how far I am….
It is definitely a humble beginning….

One of the reasons I didn’t start one sooner is because I couldn’t decide on the best method.  I tried freezer paper and the small cardboard hexagons…I like the freezer paper method best. 

I started sewing hexagons on the plane to Florida and have been slowly working on it.  It is was great project to take on the plane as it fit in a ziplock bag and I didn’t need a scissor. 

So far this is my husband’s favorite quilt project….I can still sit in the living room and watch a movie with him while I sew… plus it takes so long to sew a block by hand that he thinks I won’t be at the quilt shop quite so often.

My goal is to have the quilt done in 10 years….I am marking the beginning with these six flowers.  We have a couple day trip plans over the next two weeks so hopefully I will be able to get a few more hexagons sewn together.  I’ll keep you posted on this incredibly SLOW, relaxing process.

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