Hamilton Crazy

So Kalissa and Craig have been bugging me that we need to get together and watch Hamilton.  For those of you that don’t know, Hamilton is a Broadway musical based on the life American Revolutionary Alexander Hamilton.  Some of you might recognize him as the man on the $10 bill.

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Well recently the musical was filmed and now released on Disney Plus.

Hamilton (Closed June 28, 2020) | Texas | reviews, cast and info ...

We finally found a time that worked for all of us and sat down to watch it.  So what did I think….I loved it.  Kalissa loved it.  Craig loved it.

Kalissa bought the soundtrack and is singing it ALL THE TIME!  I’ll admit, I’ve been singing it from time to time to.

I rarely if ever watch movies more than once but this one I will.  The boys were here when we were watching the first time and although they were really good, I still would like to watch it again without kid distractions.  I do recommend watching with closed caption on.  We did the first time and that really helped me.

Well the Hamilton obsession that has been here has moved on and now I’m listening to this book…My Dear Hamilton.

This of course is fiction but historically based.  I’ve been loving it.  Here’s the Amazon review.

“From the New York Times bestselling authors of America’s First Daughter comes the epic story of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton–a revolutionary woman who, like her new nation, struggled to define herself in the wake of war, betrayal, and tragedy. In this haunting, moving, and beautifully written novel, Dray and Kamoie used thousands of letters and original sources to tell Eliza’s story as it’s never been told before–not just as the wronged wife at the center of a political sex scandal–but also as a founding mother who shaped an American legacy in her own right.

A general’s daughter…

Coming of age on the perilous frontier of revolutionary New York, Elizabeth Schuyler champions the fight for independence. And when she meets Alexander Hamilton, Washington’s penniless but passionate aide-de-camp, she’s captivated by the young officer’s charisma and brilliance. They fall in love, despite Hamilton’s bastard birth and the uncertainties of war.

A Founding Father’s wife…

But the union they create–in their marriage and the new nation–is far from perfect. From glittering inaugural balls to bloody street riots, the Hamiltons are at the center of it all–including the political treachery of America’s first sex scandal, which forces Eliza to struggle through heartbreak and betrayal to find forgiveness.

The last surviving light of the Revolution…

When a duel destroys Eliza’s hard-won peace, the grieving widow fights her husband’s enemies to preserve Alexander’s legacy. But long-buried secrets threaten everything Eliza believes about her marriage and her own legacy. Questioning her tireless devotion to the man and country that have broken her heart, she’s left with one last battle–to understand the flawed man she married and imperfect union he could never have created without her…”

I’m not finished with the book yet but so far, I love it!!  Amazon readers gave it 4.7 stars.  I know I loved America’s First Daughter, also written by this author so I’m sure to love this too!!  It’s been fun reading America’s First Daughter and now this book as the characters overlap.  You know me…historical fiction is my fave.

If you have Amazon Prime, the soundtrack to the movie is free for those who have Amazon Prime.  If you’re looking for the book you can find it HERE.

Do you have a Hamilton craze happening at your house?  If you like historical fiction, you’ll love the book…if you love musicals, you’ll love the movie.  Oh my…and if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and you’ll love the soundtrack too!  Even Carver has been known to sing a line or two.  Oh my!!  We are obsessed.

14 thoughts on “Hamilton Crazy”

  1. I think you meant to post the $10 bill, that is the one with Hamilton on it. The $20 bill is Andrew Jackson. Easy mistake to make.

  2. Stearns Carol

    I have a book on my kindle that is about Hamilton and his love affair with Sally Hemmings and his black descendants. Havent finished it and not sure I will but it was interesting.

  3. We got Disney plus for one month just so we could watch Hamilton. So far we have watched it twice & we have liked it. We have also watched a couple of other movies on Disney plus.

  4. I paid an ungodly amount of money to see it in Chicago and it was worth every penny. I now have Disney+ and watched it on the 4th of July. It’s a story of people doing the best they can.

    It is also the musical that got kids to love history. When it first came out on stage, the kids were all over it, singing the songs and loving it.

  5. I didn’t care for it. It was mega hyped when the Broadway musical came out and I really wanted to see it. I guess the casting of mostly all non-white actors playing the parts of the founding fathers and other historical figures bothered me and the messages sent through some of the lyrics via hip-hop and rap also bugged me. I tried twice but couldn’t make it to the end. But then I didn’t like Cats or Miss Saigon either (but not for the same reasons).

  6. I forgot to say my family watched it on Disney Plus too, and we loved it. We’re going to watch it again. I agree with one of your other commenters, it does engage kids with history. Whatever it takes. We have a nation now who don’t know about how government works and why it operates that way.

  7. I also loved My Dear Hamilton as well as America’s First Daughter. I’m always looking for a great historical fiction read.

  8. I loved Hamilton!!! When i read some of these comments my heart broke, how is art only art if white people do it? Art is a creation everyone should submerge in, getting past the color barrier is the first step to seeing TALENT you would otherwise negate…wow! SHERILL, You missed a gem!! White people arent the only race who can tell a magnificent story… open your eyes and mind to see past color and watch it again, both entire cast, and production team are geniuses.

  9. I loved Hamilton! I saw the play in San Francisco. Worth every penny. Very fast moving and had to pay close attention. Started watching it on Disney Plus but too many distractions and interruptions from kids. Need to have quiet time to watch it since it is so involved.

  10. I haven’t watched it yet but it’s been my plan since I heard it was coming to Disney. I’ve been trying to find a time where I can sit down uninterrupted and enjoy it.

  11. When it was coming to the civic center in Des Moines, I got tickets for the family for Christmas. It wasn’t easy snagging that many tickets (only 8), but I managed. Some of us have mobility issues, so we couldn’t all sit together, but we all loved it. The granddaughters had the soundtrack, so they knew all the sounds ahead of time.

    When it came out on Disney, I watched it again. Even better because I understood more. The cast was on the Kelly Clarkson show this week (although it was a rerun). Watching the cast members talk about their own experiences with the show put a personal spin on it.

    I’m with you! Loved it!

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