Halloween and my Kiddos

Saturday Kalissa was home and was quickly trying to put together a Halloween costume for her and Craig.  The town had a Haunted 5K and fundraiser.  After the 5K there was a costume party and they had plans to attend.

True to form, she waited until the last day to put a costume together.  She was working with a glue gun….


and even sewing….


Her goal was to change her and Craig into Captain (Captain Morgan the alcohol) and her as Coke (as in Cocoa Cola)-making the drink Captain and Coke.  They were so cute.  Kalissa told me to make sure to take pictures of her making the costume as proof that she can sew…


I think it turned out pretty cute.

Not to be outdone, our son Buck and his wife went as Clark Kent (Superman’s alter ego) and Lois Lane (Clark Kent’s girlfriend).  What a simple costume but so cute!


Our daughter Kayla and her husband Spencer also took part in some Halloween fun.  Spencer is Popeye…Kayla is Spinach.  I asked her why she didn’t go as Olive Oil…she said that would have been too easy.


Kelli didn’t do the Halloween thing but Karl did….


I have to say, my kiddos are pretty creative.  I’ve never been much a Halloween girl.  I can honestly say I’ve only dressed up about twice in my life.  I do love seeing what the kids come up with though…


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