Half Square Triangles the Easy Angle Way

I have been working on a mystery quilt from Patchwork Times.  In the directions Judy says, “Everyone makes half square triangles differently so I’m not going to give you any instructions for those. If you need help, google “half square triangles” or ask a more experienced quilter.”  I don’t know if I have LOTS of experience but I have some…Here’s how I make half square triangles the Easy Angle way.

You need an Easy Angle ruler to make them….this method is great as it takes some of the math out of the equation, it gives you a dog eared corner and it saves fabric.  When I first bought the ruler I didn’t know if it would be one of those that sits on the shelf or if I’d actually use it.  My verdict… I use it A LOT.

For the project I am making, I need 3″ finish.   I add a 1/2″ to the measurement and cut a strip that size.  In this case, I cut a 3.5″ strip.  Lay the ruler on the fabric with the tip over the edge as shown…trim the straight side.  Then trim the angled side.  These pictures are taken for a left handed quilters.


Now, flip your ruler so that the tip is to the bottom.  Line the ruler up along the diagonal as shown.  Now cut on the straight side.


Keep flipping the ruler and cutting until you have cut how many you need.

Now layer the two triangles on top of each other and sew along the diagonal.  Press and now you have a complete square.


The way to take the best advantage of this method is to layer the two strips of fabric right sides together and cut through both layers at once.  Now your triangles are already matched together..how easy is that?

7 thoughts on “Half Square Triangles the Easy Angle Way”

  1. I’m pretty sure Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville uses this ruler. It does do a wonderful job of making HST and they fit together so nicely when you are ready to sew them. She recommends stacking no more than four thicknesses to prevent fabric shifting.

  2. Well, you certainly made it look easy. My squares are generally fine, it’s when I sew it into a pinwheel that I’m extremely dissatisfied. But I’ll get them one day….

  3. Judith Blinkenberg

    Thank you for showing this left handed. I wish more lefty rulers were made, but then they would charge more.

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