Hail Damage in Farm Country

Hello Blogging World! I am Kalissa, (Jo’s 14 year old daughter that she is always making fun of :D)  Let me tell you: I am a HUGE weather bug (mostly because my dad takes me weather spotting with him and I get super cool pictures of lightning and storm clouds (check out www.kwwl.com and search for kalissageorgia for more weather shots) Recently, Wednesday to be exact, we got big storm. So between mom and dad telling me to settle down, (I always get super hyper when it is storming) I kept a close eye on the clouds and TV. No tornadoes touched down around here, but in Austin, Minnesota they had an F2 tornado.

That same storm (that produced the tornado) moved southeast: to our farm country. Towards the west of us, they got hail at least 2in. in diameter. In our area, a few trees were down, power out, dents in NEW siding at a friends house.  Someone we know was in the process of redoing thier shingles and well, they’ll have to redo the redo to say the least. Like I said, we didn’t get much of anything at our house but I did wake up at 11:30 because I couldn’t sleep. The rain and nickle size hail was beating on my north window. But probably the worse loss was crops. If you drive to neighboring farms, there is corn that was 2 ft. high, beaten into the ground. 


There are newly planted beanfields turned to muddy wastelands.

The issue: too late to replant. What they probably will do is just see what comes up. There is a little hope though: Today driving through the country, we were able to see some green rising out of the pummeld cornfields. Hopefully things will grow back and we will be able to get SOME harvest. Mom says: “You can always dream!” (the same response I got when I asked if I could be famous.) We’ll keep you posted on how things end up, but for now, they just announced we were in a tornado watch…I have to go charge the camera batteries!  When it’s stormy, me and my Kodak Easy Share Camera are tight.

This is: *Kalissa Georgia, Signing Off*

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