Dixie our foster dog has been doing just great. She’s broke out of her shell and hangs out with Ruby quite well.  For the last week I’ve let her outside without a lease.  She runs outside, does her business and comes back in.  Over the weekend she started making a loop around the house with Ruby and then comes back in the house. It’s been so nice.

Tuesday I had let the dogs out and started making lunch.  Before I knew it, Hubby came in to eat and the door bell rang, the door opened and in walked Ruby and our neighbor.  WHAT!?!?!  I got distracted making lunch and didn’t realize how long the dogs had been out.  Our neighbor said Ruby was at her house!!!  WHAT??  Ruby never leaves the yard…ever…but worse than all of that, “WHERE WAS DIXIE??”

I jumped into the pickup and went to the neighbor’s…I called for Dixie.  The neighbor was looking too.  She came around her house and yelled that she didn’t see her.  I told her that the dogs name was Dixie…she said Gypsy…No Dixie.  We didn’t see her.  I drove back home thinking maybe she was home.

Nope..not at home.  I grabbed my cell phone.  Hubby looked and called for her around the yard.  I headed back towards the neighbor’s.

I got a little ways past the neighbor’s and thought I saw white along the road. was Dixie.  I pulled over and Dixie sprinted away…FAST.  I got out and started calling and calling.  She stopped-then turned to look at me.  I called and called.  She tilted her head and then came sprinting towards me.  AH….disaster averted.  Lesson learned on my part.

Well Dixie was not only completely soaked but she STUNK…I swear she had rolled in every dead animal scent between here and neighbors.  I am just sick about my part in all of this.  I am suppose to care for her-not let her out on the road!!  It was an honest mistake on my part.  Up to this point she didn’t give any indication at all that she would do this.  I just trusted her a little too soon.

After baths for both of the dogs, it was a new shirt and a little self scolding for me.  Then I went to send a Facebook message to the neighbor thanking her for her help.  That’s when the neighbor said, “Gypsy might be a better name for her…she does like to travel.”

I am still a little sick about the whole deal….as for Dixie…she’s trying to get back in my good graces.

It’s working.

7 thoughts on “Gypsy…NO DIXIE!”

  1. Glad you found her!!! They think with their noses!!! Especially being a hunter, like she was. Our stray was so happy when we kept her, she wasn’t one to leave our yard. We moved and she kinda lost her idea of boundaries.

  2. Our dog ran away today, too, but my husband caught him going behind the neighbors’ houses. I have had good luck bending down and acting like I’m picking something up; curiosity overcomes him and he walks right up to me. He’s one and still a naughty puppy!! Don’t beat yourself up about it! Looks like you’ve made a significant, positive change in her life.

  3. I have a dog named Dixie too, and sometimes I think her name should be Gypsy, she likes to run with our friends dog, all across the countryside ;)

  4. She’s a beagle! Even their short legs can’t keep up with their noses sometimes. :) Glad she wasn’t too far from home.

  5. Trixie Dixie… Been there done that. Words of wisdom…Beagles must always be tied. They are ruled by their wonderful sense of smell. Our beagle must always be tied he is forever on the hunt for his next adventure. Cathy

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