Growing Up

Wow…I had no idea that puppies grow up so fast.  We started Ruby out with the smallest dog collar that we could find.

Gradually as time pasted we made it bigger and bigger.

Now…it’s time for a new collar.  When I bought the small collar, I bought a matching leash.  A month ago I went back to get the larger collar that matched the lease but none were there.  Over the last month, each time I went to the store, I checked to see if they had the matching ones restocked-hoping they weren’t discontinued.  Finally yesterday they had her collar in the right size.  I  know, I know…the collar and leash don’t need to match, but if they can, why not??

Yes, I know she’s spoiled too.

I guess my little puppy is getting all grown up…it’s all a little happy and sad all at once.  Thankfully there is still plenty of puppy in her…remind me in a couple days when she does something naughty that I actually said that.

2 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Donna

    She really is a sweet looking dog. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow up and hearing about her antics. Makes me miss my puppy!

  2. JanetB

    Ruby is still so cute. And yes, matching apparel is a must for the well-dressed beagle. Snoopy would never have gone out in mis-matched clothes.

    My pug is now 8. I still think of her as a young dog. Our older pug went across the rainbow bridge when she was 13. We had our pug at the vet the other day and the vet said dogs are considered geriatric when they are over 7. I guess she’s now a youngster any longer. When she’s wiggling against my back in the bed in the mornings, it’s hard to think that she’s not a youngster.


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