Grill – No GRIDDLE

With the move and things not quite finished around here I’ve been slow to get the outside grill out.  I thought I was going to get it out one day but realized that we needed LP as the tank for empty.  I was in too big of hurry to have supper ready that I just threw the brats on the griddle and forgot about the grill.

Well let me tell you..I am glad that happened.  I think the brats on the griddle were better than if they had been prepared on the grill.


This has now become out standard way to fix them.

These brats were uncooked.  I now boil them sometime during the day to get them cooked through.  Then when Hubby comes home I put the on the griddle to brown them.  They are wonderful this was and honestly, I don’t think we’ll be getting the grill out any time soon.  We’ve gotten so that all of our burgers are done on the griddle too.

So there it is folks…we have more or less given up on the grill and have become griddle people.  Steaks, shrimp…anything we used to do on the grill has now moved to the griddle.  I wish I had known that when we lived on the farm.  I had to go though two doors, through the entry way and down steps to get to the grill.  It’s silly that now that my grill can be right outside the kitchen door I now don’t need that convenience because the griddle has taken over all the jobs of the grill.

I do want to note that this is no ordinary griddle.  This one is  Bethany Housewares 730 Heritage Grill.  We truly use it for everything.  We bought one for Kalissa for Christmas a couple years ago.  She loves hers so much that she keeps hers out on the counter and never puts it away.  I bought mine for $10 at a thrift store several years ago.  I was telling Hubby just last night that if something should happen to mine, I’ll be ordering a new one immediately.  We use it for fried potatoes, Philly Steak Sandwiches, Breakfast Sandwiches, Pancakes…grill cheese…stir fry…everything.

I can honestly say, I don’t think we’ll even bother filling the LP tank of the grill this year…we’re now griddle people!!

6 thoughts on “Grill – No GRIDDLE”

  1. Depending on if you have gas or electric for your stove… you might want to fill it just in case of storms or power outages so you have a backup for cooking.

  2. We keep one griddle just to make lefse. We inherited my parents Bethany griddle and use that for all the other foods. They really are handy.

  3. Your log today reminds me of that song:

    It’ all about the griddle,bout the griddle, no grilling
    All about the griddle no grilling ….

    Just struck me funny.

  4. I no what you mean. I only have one problem with using the griddle ( or cat iron skillet :) )

    I have the grease splatter, whether brats, burgers, or chops. I end up with about 3 feet of greasy counter top nevermind the grease on the salt & pepper shaker and anything else on our near the counter.

  5. Jo – did you know one of your faithful blog readers is the owner of Bethany Housewares & that we manufacture them in Cresco? Thanks for the positive comments about our products!

  6. I’m coming late to this post, so don’t know if you’ll even see it, but we put about 5 lbs of brats in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours. They come out perfectly for grilling then. We freeze what we don’t eat immediately.

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